Potato Bake

carrie2, Sep 29, 8:40am
I made a potato bake and cooked it for an hour and the potatoes were still hard, how could that happen? Anyone know were I went wrong?

kaddiew, Sep 29, 10:54am
Were the potatoes cut really thin? If not, they probably needed longer baking. Haven't made on in years but I often used to par boil them first.

strowan1, Sep 29, 6:28pm
I usually cook ours for closer to 2 hours, I don't generally par boil - but that's a good tip to reduce cooking time. Cover for the first hour then uncover for the remainder. Also carrie I wonder how deep your potato bake was, perhaps a shallower dish next time?

buzzy110, Sep 30, 12:23am
I have had that problem in the past. I now prefer to par-cook (boil rather than microwave) the potatoes. I think that the finished bake tastes nicer as well.

One other issue could be the sort of potato used. Waxy potatoes, which are better for boiling do not cook as well or taste as nice as floury style or roasting potatoes in a potato bake. My potato of choice is agria. Once upon a time, when I made potato bakes all the time, I just used a potato suitable for baking or one that was described as 'floury'.

kaddiew, Sep 30, 1:51am
That's what I did too, Buzzy110. And definitely not the waxy potatoes; agria or moonlight (all rounder) worked well.

redhead96, Oct 6, 3:16am
Could you microwave them before putting in oven?

sylvia, Oct 6, 9:27am
I put thin slices into the dish you want to serve it in, add a couple of tbsps water and partially cover with glad wrap and microwave for around 10 mins + depending how deep the potatoes are. Then add other ingredients and bake for about half an hr. I've been using the tinned bake mix but would love to hear of a nice creamy homemade mix that doesn't use cream!

stekar, Dec 13, 11:59am
I cook mine and put in oven for 30-40mins - perfect

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