Can you whisk up an egg, fry it and then

cookiebarrel, Sep 14, 3:52pm
freeze it okay or does it come out rubbery when defrosted. Was thinking of mixing it with cooked bacon and rice, then freeze as a quick snack for number 1 son.

lilyfield, Sep 14, 7:59pm
Rubber, but I would eat it anyway, cut up small strips in your rice. Depends how fussy #1 is.

lovelurking, Sep 14, 8:09pm
Teach him how to cook and clean up after himself if he needs a quick snack.
(Some woman in the future might thank you!)

rainrain1, Sep 14, 9:01pm
I'd give it a go, your son probably won't care or even notice if the egg is not perfect

socram, Sep 14, 9:21pm
Couldn't agree more! Turn him into a real man.

Get him to cook the family a meal once a week.

Never too young to learn - especially as most boys no longer join the Scouts and learn to shop and cook for a group.

Get him baking bread too.

cookiebarrel, Sep 15, 4:15am
Thanks guys. Actually my son is a real man and I am proud of him. He was raised on a farm so has had the benefit of that plus I made sure he was raised to be good husband material as well. so he learnt how to do all the necessaries like cooking, baking, housework, coping with an irrational female (though that one still gets him confused occasionally ;-)). Just neither of us knew if you could freeze the cooked eggs, never done it before, hence my query.

rainrain1, Sep 15, 4:26am
Good on ya cookiebarrel.

lovelurking, Sep 15, 4:36am
oops, I visualised a young boy.

cookiebarrel, Sep 15, 4:53am
Thanks lovelurking , yeah all grown up though o
nce in a while I think I have the young lad back, but thats men for ya.

socram, Sep 15, 4:57am
Good to hear! I too visualised a young boy.

groomingtools, Dec 25, 5:58pm
My comfort food is fried mashed potatoes with an egg or two stirred in. If I want to go a step further I fry up onions and bacon bits. Any of these freeze well. Looking on here for pork mince recipes but really want comfort food tonight