Jumbo Pasta Shells

Does anyone know where to buy jumbo pasta shells?
This recipe looks yummy but haven't seen shells this big before.

Chef_bruceakld, May 18, 5:19 am

Barillo make jumbo shells. Perhaps contact them and they may be able to tell you where to buy. It is likely to be at a specialist shop not a supermarket. will

Chef_kay141, May 18, 5:35 am

Chef_samanya, May 18, 5:35 am

snap kay!

Chef_samanya, May 18, 5:36 am

Sabato sells them online. (not cheap though) https://sabato.co.nz/la-genuina-orecchiotte-semola-to-stuff

Chef_lidbud, May 18, 5:37 am

I thought that they were expensive, but "Bag contains approximately 60 pasta shells." so I guess it would depend on how many one was feeding.

Chef_samanya, May 18, 6:20 am

I've seen huge pasta shells at our Countdown

Chef_wheelz, May 18, 11:02 am

Could make your own, using a small mould.

Chef_lythande1, May 18, 7:33 pm

Our local Bin Inn Store has large pasta shells. La Molisana, Pastificio Extra de Lusso, Conchigle Grandi, No 313

Chef_philspeed, May 19, 11:34 pm

Thanks for the link; I got some from ours and they are way way cheaper than Sabato .

Chef_karlymouse, May 24, 7:16 am

That's good to know . thanks.

Chef_samanya, May 24, 8:41 am

I think I have bought them in the past from Passion Produce on Hobsonville Road. In the corner or near the corner where the loose potatoes areais if that is any help.

Chef_microman33, May 25, 5:07 am

Thanks for the suggestion, we're local to the area so will try Passion Produce, tried Binn Inn in Glenfield but they didn't have any.

Chef_bruceakld, May 26, 2:21 am

What area was that Bin Inn?

Chef_bruceakld, May 26, 2:21 am

Had no luck at 2 different Bin Inns or Passion Produce.
Did eventually find some at Farro on Constellation Drive (about $8 for a 500g packet).
Thanks everyone for your suggestions :-)

Chef_bruceakld, Sep 3, 7:01 pm