Making Sun Dried Tomatoes

ngacooky, Feb 2, 6:55pm
Anyone made Sun Dried Tomatoes at home? Did you make them in the oven or in a dehydrator? Did you store them in an airtight container or pack them in oil? Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated :-) thanks

fifie, Feb 2, 9:37pm
Place tomatoes cut side up on baking paper on a oven tray. sprinkle over all with s/p some crushed garlic if you like and few fresh chopped herbs, drizzle of olive oil bake at 100c for 4-6 hours or longer, depends on size and thickness of the tomato till they are done. Remove when cool, put into snap lock bags in freezer.
Do heaps like this when i have plenty as i dont have a dehydrator, they dont freeze solid hard, remove just what you want to use.

sla11, Feb 2, 10:13pm
Fifie do they freeze hard enough to free flow in freezer?

fifie, Oct 28, 6:09pm
Dont free flow mine,just fill a little bag up about 3/4 fill, push air out and freeze flat as they dont go rock hard.
ive never done them in oil from the oven, bit scared of bacteria setting in, others may be able to help.

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