Best cut of meat for Beef Curry.

player_smurf, May 11, 8:33pm
Done in the crockpot?

sarahb5, May 11, 9:25pm
Skirt probably

davidt4, May 11, 10:27pm
Skirt, cross cut blade, lean brisket if you can find it.

player_smurf, May 11, 11:00pm
Hmmmm. i’m not familiar with skirt, does it have another name?

davidt4, May 11, 11:28pm
Are you in New Zealand? Any butcher will know what skirt beef is. I'm not aware of any other common names for it in NZ

fruitbat, May 11, 11:30pm
Gravy beef.

sarahb5, May 12, 1:18am
Whatever you getdon’t over cook it - you want it tender but still with some “body” to it

geldof, May 12, 4:34am
I love shin, or gravy beef for the flavour and gelatinous nature of it.

crails, May 12, 8:50am
Chuck Steak

awoftam, May 12, 9:18am
Cross cut blade.

bella95, May 12, 4:27pm
Me three. Gravy beef seems to give a lovely colour to casseroles etc too.

twindizzy, May 13, 4:41am
Recently used a rump tail and it was delicious

kay34, May 13, 8:16am
We usually use what ever is cheapest- have seen rump on special cheaper than shin,chuck, blade etc, drew the line when i scored scotch fillet at a reduced to clear for like $12/kg last year, hubby wanted steak for a slow cooker - almost took is hand off, lol

korbo, May 13, 9:33am
Goat meat is great for slow cooker. ALso any wild pork/venison.

rainrain1, May 13, 11:06pm
I'd probably go with rump

bella95, May 14, 11:41am
Was surprised to see on a cooking show a while ago that goat is the most widely eaten meat in the world.

sarahb5, May 14, 7:16pm
Why? Ever tried it?

nzpcltd, May 14, 8:41pm
Beef Cheeks! I really dislke rump in casseroles, its too dry I think

rainrain1, May 14, 10:27pm
A nice fatty bit of rump is all good .

bella95, May 15, 6:48am
Only by accident when l lived in Italy, and it made me cry when l found out what it was. Bit more grown up now and with some hungry years in between l'd give it a go if offered.
As to why l think l'd just always assumed it would be something like beef or chicken.

sarahb5, Sep 23, 2:45am
Except that beef is taboo for religious reasons in many states in Inda as well as Nepal. Goats are easy to farm

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