Slow cooker pumpkin soup recipe??

shoregirl27, May 8, 8:38am
Does anyone have one please ... A tried and true if possible as I am a newbie to the ways of the slow cooker :) lol

thevillage, May 8, 8:50am
Pumpkin soup is so quick to make that I don't use a slow cooker. I just cook the pumpkin in a saucepan, add seasonings as desired then when cooked, use a stick blender to puree. I thin the soup with chicken stock and sprinkle parsley on to serve. I do have a recipe for curried pumpkin soup which uses potato along with the pumpkin, canned diced tomatoes, onion, curry powder and has evaporated milk added towards the end of the cooking and it takes 5-7 hours in a slow cooker on low or on high.

2kay, May 8, 10:45pm
Agreed, soup is quick and easy to make on the stove top. However, I always use the slowcooker for Saturdays (winter sports day for us). It’s great to come home mid/late afternoon on a cold day to the smell of soup (or anything else cooking for that matter! ). I have a recipe from Joan Bishop for Curried Pumpkin Soup that I will post shortly. (Yes I do make it, and it is very nice). Sounds similiar (if not the same) to the post above.

2kay, May 8, 11:02pm
Curried Pumpkin Soup
Slow Cooker High 5 – 7 hours

1. 25kg pumpkin, peeled
1 large potato, peeled
1 x 400g tin tomatoes in juice, mashed or pureed
2 onions, finely chopped
Freshly ground black pepper
6 cups chicken stock, hot
1½ tsp curry powder
2 tsp brown sugar
½ cup “light” evaporated milk or cream
Chopped chives to garnish

1. Pre-heat the cooker for 20 minutes.
2. Cut pumpkin and potato into small pieces (2-3 cm) and place in the cooker.
3. Add tomatoes, onions, pepper and chicken stock.
4. Cover with lid and cook following the times and setting above.
5. Add the curry powder and brown sugar.
6. Puree in a food processor or blender.
7. Return to the cooker and add “light” evaporated milk. Stir well and check seasoning, adding salt if necessary.
8. Reheat but do not boil. Serve sprinkled with chopped chives.


I myself use cream, but the light evaporated milk does have the same creaminess and it has less calories.

If you wish, cut back on the curry. Or when checking the soup for seasoning and you find it too spicy, add more cream or evaporated milk.

I also use a good quality chicken stock (Campbells is good).

nzhel, May 9, 2:32am
What sort of pumpkin do you reccommend to use to make pumpkin soup?
I made a new recipe recently and the soup was not very nice which I mainly put down to the type of pumpkin I used - tho of course it could have just been the actual recipe!

fisher, May 9, 2:53am
try using the small green round ones... but "STEAM" the pumpkin rather than boil or microwave... . make it any way you like but...
pre-cooked bacon bits. . and good chicken stock are essentials. .
Add some nutmeg for that secret ingredient... . asp
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lilyfield, Apr 14, 4:17am
and I keep saying- why peel the pumpkin ? save yourself the work. You will never notice after the blender has been through.

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