Which soy sauce is best to cook with

cottagerose, Jul 8, 7:01am
I've always used the kikkoman one but am interested to know what others prefer. I believe you should use light for some recipes and dark for others.

awoftam, Jul 8, 7:54am
I uses ceres organic. I like kikkoman however it has a very distinct taste and I limit to some dipping (on its own) only.

aktow, Jul 8, 12:19pm
it depends on what you are cooking. Japanese and Thai . Korean etc , use different soy /soya sauces, ask your local asian store,, they are so helpful. i like the korean Jangenkong brand

valentino, Jul 9, 1:57am
"Yamasa" naturally brewed is one of a few I get, Pak'n'Save has this.

The other most common one is from a Genuine Korean outlet, can't say the name but it is very good, get it from the store in Mt Eden Road near opposite the road that goes to Khyber Pass Rd near the railway.

This store (OT) sells lovely blackberry ciders which is something worthy to try, unsure of Tauranga though.



nilaveli, Jul 9, 7:04am
Try coconut aminos it's like soy sauce only better https://www.coconutsecret.com/aminos2.html

fxx99, Jul 9, 7:22am
I'd deft stay away from the Chinese ones.

Yamasa is a good one.

cottagerose, Mar 25, 4:48pm
Thankyou everyone. I like the idea of trying the coconut amigos and will try to find it.
Will checkout the Yamasa one too. I work at a supermarket and don't buy food made in China

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