Damson Plum Jam?

I have my damson plums picked off our tree and usually make plum sauce with them, but thought I might make jam with them this time. Has anyone made jam with them and were they okay?

Chef_joybells2, Mar 5, 10:11 pm

I made jam with damson and black doris mixed last year and it was the best jam yet. Very very good.

Chef_laspaz, Mar 5, 10:25 pm

Yes we have just harvested our tree got about 20kg off it (not very big) and have frozen the fruit until such time we can deal with it. (have given lots away too).
Last year and year before we made damson jam and very good as it's a nice tart plum with good pectin.

Chef_village.green, Mar 5, 11:00 pm

Pretty sure damsons are not really an eating plum as can be quite tart.

Chef_village.green, Mar 5, 11:01 pm

Yes they are quite tart so that's why we usually make plum sauce with them, will try jam tho for a change. My son actually eats them off the tree. Thanks everyone.

Chef_joybells2, Mar 6, 12:52 am

I would try the new jam setting sugar that Chelsea puts out now.

Chef_cleggyboy, Mar 6, 1:18 am

They are the best plums for making jam.

Chef_yjeva, Mar 6, 1:19 am

l have been picking mine and will make jam it is the nicest jam and the jam sets easily with ordinary sugar

Chef_griffo4, Mar 6, 3:22 am

Yes I usually use ordinary sugar with no problems, usually add a little lemon juice or apple and it sets okay.

Chef_joybells2, Mar 6, 4:45 am

I have been donated over 80kgs of damsons this year for my charity and damson jam is a popular seller at fundraisers, I pulp the fruit down to sieve out the stones, then weigh cup for cup fruit and white sugar. A popular variation is to put in a star anise or two for an interesting background flavour. I cannot get enough damsons for the damson vodka and gin makers as well!

Chef_julie55, Mar 6, 5:54 am

ooh yum, we've made damson vodka for the last two years and I must say it is very very nice. Only problem is you are supposed to leave it for at least 18 months before drinking!

Chef_village.green, Mar 6, 10:18 am

Damson jam is a favorite in our family. As others have said they aren't really an eating plum but make fabulous flavoured jam.

Chef_nzhel, Mar 6, 11:08 am

dont forget to feed your tree and give it water so you will have fruit next year

Chef_whitehead., Mar 6, 9:06 pm

All made and looks good and tastes good I am told lol

Chef_joybells2, Mar 8, 3:44 am

My nan used to make damson jam every year - delicious

Chef_sarahb5, Jan 8, 12:56 am