Bin inn pikelet mix whats the recipe?

tjs641, May 8, 3:42am
Please help I cant find the piece of paper with what to add to the mix

245sam, May 8, 3:58am
here you tjs641... . .

To 500g (3¾ cups) pikelet mix add 2 cups water to make approximately 35 pikelets OR add 2½ cups water to make pancakes. :-))

lmarsh, May 8, 4:00am
From the Binn Inn website...

"Pikelets & Pancakes Made Easy
So easy - just add water. This mix is so versatile, it can be used to make both pikelets and pancakes. Pikelets are perfect for afternoon tea and pancakes are a must for Sunday morning brunch. Pikelet & Pancake Mix can be scooped from Bin Inn's self selection bin so you can buy as much or as little as you need"

Doesn't state quantities I know but I guess if you mix water to the mix so it forms a nice batter consistency you should be fine

tjs641, May 8, 4:52am
Thanks for the help :)

harrislucinda, May 8, 4:59am
talkingbininnmixeshavenoticedtheamountofwaterhaschangedfor theevery dayfruitcakesameamountofmixI keepedtherecipepaperfromyearsagoandnoticedhowit hadchanged

dilligaf_dah, Apr 14, 8:54am
We add an egg as well or 2 depending on how much we mach 2 cups one egg.

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