Do you make nice SPONGY fruit scones?

paora-tm, Apr 21, 5:41am
Would love to have your recipe. :)

marcs, Apr 21, 8:40am
Any lemonade and cream scone recipe is really good. Recipes can be found on line. Can use soda water for savoury ones or any carbonated water. Does not fail. Tricks are to handle as less as possible. Use and butter knife to cut through when you put the liquid in and then used your hands to just bring it together. Don't knead it. I normally just flatten with my hand and cut. Can use a rolling pin if you want. Oven must be hot. I most times heat the tray and then carefully scatter flour on it before putting the cut scones on and quickly back in the oven.

marcs, Apr 21, 8:42am

paora-tm, Apr 21, 8:58am
Someone I knew used to make the best fruit scones I have ever eaten. They were made in a lunchbar using a huge commercial mixer. I never took much notice when they were being made but I think they used to get a good whack around in the mixing bowl. Sometimes I wonder if I don't knead my scones enough because I worry about kneading them too much. My scones are always a bit too crumbly - not moist and spongy.

marcs, Apr 22, 2:14am
I worked in a restaurant and because they made big batches they used the mixer but the trick to doing that is letting it rest for half an hour after mixing. I do that too if I make the Edmonds recipes.

paora-tm, May 3, 5:43am
Thank you. I reckon I just made my best ever scones. I always used to think there was some urgency to get scones in the oven after the liquid had been added.

PS. I also used grated frozen butter.

nauru, Aug 28, 5:44pm
There is arecipe that I found on here, not sure who posted the original one. The scones turn out lovely, light and fluffy and you can adapt the recipe to any flavour scone you like, both sweet & savoury. I made wholemeal Feijoa one the other day.
50 grams butter 1 egg
Milk 3 large cups flour (sifted)
4 teaspoons baking powder
Heat oven to 200 degrees C. Line an oven slide with baking paper (or grease it). Melt butter in m’wave jug. Cool a little and then break egg into jug. Top up with enough milk to equal approximately 1 cup liquid. Mix butter, egg and milk with a fork. Sift flour and baking powder together, into a large mixing bowl. Add wet ingredients and mix in with a knife. Tip onto a flour dusted board or bench and cut into squares with a wet knife. (The mixture will be quite wet, so cut with a wet knife and have wet hands, to stop it sticking.) Don’t knead the dough and don’t flatten down too much. Gently transfer scones onto the oven slide. Bake for about 10 - 12 minutes until golden.

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