Creaming Soda- made at home= Yum!

Having just resurrected the old sparklets siphon I decided to make up my own creaming soda syrup. All I can say is YUMMY! Leaves the commercial product for dead that's for sure :)

Chef_eaglefan, Mar 7, 4:25 am

Well. c'mon then. share.

Chef_patxyz, Mar 7, 4:39 am

The recipe that is, not a virtual taste

Chef_patxyz, Mar 7, 4:39 am

well dont then.

Chef_patxyz, Mar 7, 5:59 am


Vanilla Syrup
1 cup sugar (I use caster)
1 cup water
1 1/2 tablespoons vanilla essence

In a pot, combine sugar and water. Heat on low until all the sugar dissolves into the water. You shouldn't be able to see any crystals. Simmer for 1- 2 minutes at most
Remove from heat.

Allow to cool.
Pour into an old clean resealable bottle (I use a cleaned Soy sauce bottle) and set in fridge for vanilla syrup on demand. Should keep for 1 1/2 weeks if refrigerated.

Add approx 60 mls to glass then 200 mls chilled soda water, stir gently then add ice if desired.
For the Italian version you can also add 60 mls silver top milk or cream before adding the soda water.

Chef_eaglefan, Mar 7, 6:07 am

Just realised you need to add the essence after simmering the water!

Chef_eaglefan, Jan 12, 11:42 pm