Easy Diabetic dessert recipes please

mum24, Feb 8, 3:14am
Hi help with yummy easy dessert recipes please

cgvl, Feb 8, 3:22am
There's a diabetic baking thread on here that has some recipes in it. will bump for you.
I tend to eat fresh fruit, yoghurt and sometimes jelly in this hotter weather. Just need to be careful re amounts of sugar added and the carb (CHO) content of foods.
Also depends on whether type 1 or 2.

mum24, Feb 8, 3:35am
Thank you, its type 1 and get cravings for a yummy dessert like cheese cake

cgvl, Feb 8, 3:43am
ooh, haven't had cheesecake for ages mine is pavlova, so every now and then I have a slice and suffer.
Have you looked in your local library, they have some good cook books for diabetics or at least our one does.
Not sure if Diabetes NZ still has an on line recipe section or not.

lockley, Feb 8, 6:56pm
Bee Healthy Cookbook is a good one for diabetics. http://www.barnabybee.com/shop/general/bee-aware-cookbook Being T1 it's ok to have the occasional 'normal' treat, just up your insulin.

nahmi, Feb 8, 8:13pm
Google some of the low carb websites. Some really great dessert recipes there. Really good numbers.
I just checked Diabetes NZ cgvl and yes they do. Some years since I've been to their site. They seem to have dragged themselves into reality !
They have dessert recipes there now in the low teens !
Sure beats their previous numbers - one I saw was 64 ! Lol
But as someone has already said as a type 1 ( without a weight issue of course ) you can eat and cover with insulin.
Happy choosing :)

nahmi, Feb 8, 8:22pm
A really great cheat sweet treat as opposed to an actual dessert is :
About a tsp peanut butter , about a tablespoon cream and a touch of artificial sugar. As you mix, it turns into a mousse composition .
Of course you have to like peanut butter or it's not going to do the trick Lol
I gave it a go one day and was pleasantly surprised.
I have also tried some of the low carb cheesecake recipes. Yum

lythande1, Feb 9, 12:53am
Husband just has more insulin.

timturtle, Mar 14, 6:15pm
I make a cheesecake with a base of ground almonds and butter you can bake this or just set it in the fridge. Once cold make a low calorie jelly with only half the water, let cool, then beat it with a block of Philly cream cheese and then fold in 300ml of beaten cream then add this to the base and put into the fridge to set. It is very easy and think it will be ok for a diabetic.

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