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I agree 100%! Its all attitude.
My kids loved All of the recipes in this thread. And others. It was hard sometimes to get away from the mince!
Use good stuff, take off the fat and use quality ingredients with it, cook it well, and most children will love it too.

There is also beef mince, lamb mince, chicken mince, pork mince and others.
nom nom nom (even now, oops)

Chef_kiwilion, Mar 5, 11:00 pm

I get the kids to make it themselves (under supervision of course) and make a big fuss at the dinner table about how well they did.
You can be sure that they eat what they cooked with a little less of the gripes

Chef_psychicxpress, Mar 5, 11:21 pm

There are no fussy kids, just kids that are not hungry.
They should be fed what you have right from the start.
Not hungry, then don't give them rubbish.
It's like a pet - you train them to be "fussy".

Chef_lythande1, Mar 6, 12:05 am

C'mon we have all had the animal that wont eat certain things (or brands) and will walk away from it. Completely refuse to eat it. OK Maybe they are not actually Starving but who wants to put a pet in that situation.

Chef_kcc55a, Mar 6, 3:21 am

Great ideas

Chef_bev00, Mar 6, 11:20 am

Little pies around the size of those that people buy at dairies. You can add stuff on top of the mince that they like. Potato top pies look lovely if you put the mashed potato through a cream forcer to make it swirly. The brush the potato with a little melted butter or even grated cheese.

Chef_terraalba, Mar 6, 6:35 pm

Fish was the food my kids hated. I realise now, it was the way I cooked it and served it. Plating and presentation is important but not so easy with a busy family routine.

Chef_terraalba, Mar 6, 6:37 pm

Someone posted this on here once, it has had the nod from a few Mums and their kids. it's nice

great mince recipe
You need, 500gms mince, 1pkt of beef rice rissoto, 2 cups of stir fry veges, 2 tbsp of brown sugar, 3 tbsp of worchester sauce and shred some cabbage. Cook the rissoto as normal, put your mince, veges, cabbage, sugar and worchester sauce in.Simmer on a low heat for about half hour stirring regulary. You may need to add a bit of water to it. this is easy simple and feeds alot of people. If you want to make a big lot just up the ingredients. Its really yummy and great next day if there is any left over.

Chef_rainrain1, Mar 6, 8:51 pm

teach them to cook it . true it makes a hell of a mess in the kitchen and takes time but you always eat the things you cook as a kid and all kids should learn to cook also let them stave for a while it will not hurt them its only 12 hours till breakfast

Chef_whitehead., Mar 6, 9:03 pm

Good old mince on toast (mince/mixed vege/gravy mix/worcester sauce/whatever). I can't bear the stuff myself but my husband makes it for him and the kids and they behave like they're eating eye fillet.

Chef_battgirl, Mar 6, 10:50 pm

Maybe get them involved in making their own. Like nachos, have the mince - chilli beans and other ingredients all ready to go and they come and assemble their own. Same with tortillas, wraps or hamburgers. What about a curry mince? Maybe just leave mince off the diet for a while and come back to it later on?

Chef_asue, Mar 7, 3:32 am

How old are your kids OP? And why the need to eat mince at all if they don't like it?

Chef_sarahb5, Mar 7, 5:25 am

They should eat what's put in front of them, and so should you

Chef_rainrain1, Mar 7, 5:43 am

Eat it or starve in this house but everyone has foods they don't like - I won't waste money cooking food for my kids that I know they don't like - seems a bit pointless

Chef_sarahb5, Mar 7, 6:26 am

Pandering to them will just create more fussyness.

Chef_..pip.., Mar 7, 7:17 am

So what foods don't you eat? You'd eat anything at all on your plate? Rotten corn? Bull testicles? Fish eyes? Every veg and every meat in every form there is?

I don't blame your kids OP, I seldom eat mince or sausages. I don't like them and I don't have to. I don't like venison. It doesn't make me fussy, it means I have normal preferences. I eat almost every veg but not brussel sprouts. I don't like them, either. Not eating one or three or 5 foods isn't fussy and refusing crap like mince isn't unusual.

So why would you buy something you know your kids don't like and create a drama when there are so many alternatives?

Chef_morticia, Mar 7, 7:32 am


Chef_jncook, Mar 7, 7:50 am

I used to make a meal that your kids might like. Put some canned spaghetti in the bottom of a baking dish. Then put some cooked mince on top of it followed by some mashed potato. Sprinkle some parmesan cheese over the potato. Put into the oven for a half hour or so and then pop under the grill to brown the cheese.

Chef_pogram0, Mar 7, 8:39 am

Disliking something is not being fussy - my 20 year old doesn't like fish and my 17 year old doesn't really like rice - doesn't make them fussy or picky, thry've tried them and just don't like them, neither of them appear to be suffering any lasting ill effects as a result. Mr 20 was 15 before he really enjoyed steak - now he'd eat it every night if he could.

Chef_sarahb5, Mar 7, 8:43 am

Unless its a bacon butty with butter on it, tripe or any form of meat pie I pretty much eat anything .

Chef_sarahb5, Mar 7, 8:45 am

so over meat balls and spaghetti bolanase
any ideas for fussy kids

Chef_gloriousgirl01, Nov 19, 2:15 am


Chef_olwen, Nov 19, 2:16 am

Nachos. Tortilla. Wraps. Bascially Mexican dishes. just don't spice them up, make a basic mince mix but have it with different things if the kids like plain stuff.

Chef_kirmag, Nov 19, 2:16 am

tried them all them kids refuse to eat them

Chef_gloriousgirl01, Nov 19, 2:19 am

How about meat loaf?

Chef_kiwitrish, Nov 19, 2:21 am