Healthy Dressings

nettie14, Oct 27, 7:30am
Hi - does any one have healthy dressings that I can make for over salads, etc.

davidt4, Oct 27, 8:06am
Three parts extra virgin olive oil, one part raw cider vinegar, salt and pepper.

fantail8, Oct 27, 8:14am
lemon juice

amiri1, Oct 27, 9:16pm
Lemon zest! I leave the lettuce leaves wet and finely grate the zest and mix. The flavour goes everywhere and is very nice. :)

jan2242, Oct 28, 12:47am
Lemon zest! Now that sounds lovely, will try that one.

wildflower, Aug 10, 2:44am
Lite greek yoghurt is great, mix with lemon, or garlic or whatever spices you like. Heaps of variations with that as a base.