Any ideas healthy/different for christmas lunch

finlight, Dec 2, 7:39am
or just really yummy thanks

davidt4, Dec 3, 7:11am
A side of salmon, baked and served whole with a dill and mustard sauce.

timetable, Dec 3, 7:42am
i reckon that if you bake your ham and cook your turkey right then nine times out of ten christmas lunch can be non fattening really... plenty of salads, veg and watch the puddings and its sweet....

southerngirlsnz, Dec 5, 10:54pm
nigellas xmas coleslaw

margyr, Dec 5, 11:22pm
wraps, I would be very happy to just have wraps with some yummy salad and meat. and fresh fruit salad. Of course ours will not be that but I would be happy if it were.

2halls, Dec 5, 11:50pm
One year we did a "Middle Eastern" themed Christmas bbq ... that was super healthy:kebabs of various meats marinated in lemon juice and garlic,lots of fresh salads with ingredients like roasted peppers and zucchini,rice,hummus,flatbreads for wrapping the kebabs, yoghurt dips,and fruit salad and orange blossom water for dessert with a muscovado and orange frozen yoghurt.It was all really tasty,and quite inadvertently,healthy !:-)

buzzy110, Sep 30, 7:58am
Surely most of the Xmas meal is 'healthy' as it probably comprises protein and vegetables. That means your entree and main are sorted if you don't drown everything a sweet dressings and additive filled packet gravies. The only parts that are less healthy, but seem to be what most people focus on, are the sweets and alcohol that go with it.

So if you are looking for healthy then skip the desserts and afters if you dare. Unhealthy foods include Xmas Pudding, Christmas mince pies, Xmas cake, shortbread, trifle, pavlova, ambrosia, custard, jellies, tinned fruit, chocolates, fudge, truffles and all the concoctions that people on these board make with sweetened condensed milkand replace them with a delicious cheese board, cherry tomatoes stuffed with cream cheese and fine herbs and fresh fruit and you'll be fairly healthy IMO.

Don't know what you can replace the alcohol with though. Maybe Sparkling water and stretching a point, Schweppes Soda with a Twist.