Healthy dinners... Help!

jaydn2010, Nov 9, 4:05am
Me and partner are going on a shake diet and our only meal we have is dinner. Im stuck for healthy dinner ideas. As you can see i dont cook healthy dinners much. :S Any suggestions?

goldgurl_design, Nov 9, 4:08am
marinated chicken kebabs (skewer style) with a salad.

marie196, Nov 9, 4:08am
salads veges, chicken breasts, fish

cookessentials, Nov 9, 4:09am
Salmon fillets, chicken and vegetable stir fry, beef stir fry, rare roast beef salad, lightly pan fried fish and salad

lyl_guy, Nov 9, 6:35am
A juicy sirloin steak with salad (cos, tomato, cucumber, sprouts etc with a balsamic drizzle) and if you need a carb? A couple of baby potatoes boiled (skin on) and rolled in olive oil and rock salt.

elliehen, Jul 24, 9:55am
Have just watched Jamie Oliver ;)

Start with a wok, a little oil, some chilli, garlic, spring onions/red onions and ginger, meat strips or marinated tofu (remove and set aside).Then thinly sliced root vegetables, capsicums, mushrooms, then greens (broccoli florets, snow peas, courgettes).