Sweetened Condensed Milk - how long does it last?

kirmag, Aug 13, 2:12am
Have had a opened tin (but put into a plastic container) in the fridge for a week and a half. will it still be ok to use for baking tomorrow? Well it's not actually baking, won't be cooked/baked, making balls.

loren8, Aug 13, 3:37am
It will be fine - I chuck mine in the freezer, it doesn't freeze.

245sam, Aug 13, 3:52am
kirmag, I have had some sweetened condensed milk in a lidded Tupperware container in our refrigerator for a lot longer than a week and a half, and it still tastes good as - have just done a taste test! - so I'm sure yours will be good as for your baking tomorrow. :-))

kirmag, Aug 13, 5:02am
Awesome, thanks guys!

tessie2, Aug 13, 10:49am
Keeps for weeks.

moby, Jan 4, 8:58am
No chance - once I notice it in the frig, its lifespan is measured in minutes.

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