Electric fry pan

ryelands1, Mar 31, 3:35am
Can you cook roasted vegetables in an electric fry pan or is the oven better. Just that cooking only for 2 people so thought would be quicker and would not have to wait until oven heated up.

aj.2., Mar 31, 3:43am
Does not heat up as much as a oven, but you can still do the veggies in there.
Best thing to do , is buy a mini oven, we in fact have 2, and often use both at the same time, they don't cost a great deal, and you will notice a big drop in power use compared to the main oven, being used.
The mini oven, will take a chicken in the bag so that gives you some idea of the size.
Great for grilling things, and so easy to have it at a good height on a bench top.

lilyfield, Mar 31, 4:17am

ryelands1, Mar 31, 4:26am
I do have a mini oven. Sunbeam but find it burns the food even when I have it really low and the try in it is thin and crappy. Used to have a de longhi and it was great. Thanks anyway

aj.2., Mar 31, 4:41am
The de longhi are great, 1 of ours is that make.
As I said you can do the veggies in the fry pan, but note the lid will return the moisture, so they may not crisp up very well.

kiwicarol, Mar 31, 4:48am
I have done plenty of roasts with veges in an electric frypan. much quicker than oven cooking . No reason why you cant just do veges but you will get a better result doing the meat in there as well .The veges usually only take abt 35-40 mins depending on temp and size. a small roast abt 60-75 mins

popeye333, Mar 31, 7:05pm
Ive just about always done our roast veges in the electric frying pan. I very seldom turn my big oven on.
I do chickens in the pan, I just butterfly them so they fit. I do roast pork in the pan.
Beef and lamb I do in the crockpot.
But yep I use the pan for the veges

tessie2, Nov 8, 2:09am
My roast veges in the electric frypan are more sauted than roasted. Sometimes I cut them big, sometimes small cubed. I cook on medium heat with lid on until almost done then finish with lid off and turn up heat, turning often so they don't burn. I often add cajun spice.

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