four2go, Feb 14, 10:08am
Needing a new cake mixer. What is a good middle of the range one. Looking at either a Kenwood classic chef mixer or perhaps a sunbeam. Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks.

bunny51, Feb 15, 2:10am
I have a kenwood, and it works really well. I got the chef major and it can do everything I want it to do, including making large cakes and bread etc.

fifie, Feb 15, 2:45am
IMO you cant go pass a kenwood mine has just died it was a wedding pressie 48 years ago cant ask for better than that.

brightlights60, Feb 15, 2:56am
I can go one better. Using my Mum's Sunbeam, its from the 1950's and still works perfectly.

snapperheadrkp, Feb 15, 6:19am
If the Kenwood Classic you intend to purchase is made in CHINA give it a wide berth. It will not last like the old NZ Australian, or UK manufactured Kenwoods do. Better to buy a secondhand NZ AU UK model off Trademe.!

kay34, Feb 15, 6:27am
We have a Breville Scraper mixer ( the $200 odd one, not the $700) had it 3 years so far, love it, and crikey, do we use it!

four2go, Feb 15, 7:46am
Thanks I just noticed other threads on the same topic - didn't think to look first. The Breville scraper seems to be a quite popular choice and it is one of three I have narrowed it down to.

moparpete, Feb 21, 9:48am
Absolutely right. Kenwood A700 for me from Trademe and it goes so well.

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