Kenwood Mixer Model KM210 -advice please?

sollas, May 7, 9:11pm
(Hope this is the right place for my question, I usually follow Pets&Animals. )
KM210: I was recently given this model and it's my first Kenwood but I already love it!
It has 600 W and the rotating thingy on the top (for the mincer I belive has the groove from top to bottom (in case this is relevant). And it's old but sounds loud but even when working.
Now I would like to buy attachments for it, such as mincer, juicer and coffee grinder (preferably second hand and not all at once).
Can anybody please tell me what model/type numbers would fit so I can search the auctions? TIA!

cookessentials, Apr 10, 5:12pm
I dont deal with kenwood, however, Kenwood NZ has a website and you are able to contact them in regards to any technical questions you may have. asp they have a contact page at the top right of their web page.

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