Using up cold roast pork

pennyo, Nov 7, 1:35am
So, I have a largish piece of cold roast pork which has been in the fridge since Sunday it was put in the fridge as soon as it had cooled down. I want to use it up today, will reheat it thoroughly and slow cook for a couple of hours do you think it'll be ok? It's kind of at the outer limits of my timeframe for being ok.

chatsmom, Nov 7, 2:00am
I'd do it. I'm surprised it lasted till now.

pennyo, Nov 7, 2:23am
It's in a lump my lazy kids can't be bothered to slice it!

ferrit47, Nov 7, 2:53am
I would throw it out. I wouldnt eat as getting too old to use now. Got be very careful with Pork & Chicken. You can get very sick from it.

camper18, Nov 7, 4:30am
Rubbish. Chop into small squares, fry a couple of onions, diceed carrots, celery, and a little curry powder. Chuck in a small tin of pineapple and the cubed pork and heat thoroughly till carrots are cooked. Thicken as required or add some coconut cream or yoghurt.

beaker59, Nov 7, 5:15am
Will be a tad fridgy flavoured by now not really a "food safety" issue but I would cook it into something, make a gravy then stir in the sliced meat or something.

uli, Nov 7, 6:01am
I would fry onions, make a nice gravy (maybe there are some juices left?), add some cream and spices, herbs, wine etc and when all is cooked then add the thinly sliced pork and heat through.

And I would not give any to the "lazy kids who can't be bothered to slice it!"

I would eat it all by myself with red cabbage or broccoli and a nice potato/cauli mash and they can have spaghetti on toast in front of the tv.

arrowmax, Jul 14, 12:51am
I have used the recipe from this link for Vietnamese style braised meat, and it was surprisingly good! You use any left over roast meat.

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