I am cooking Tomato Relish, I am doubling recipe

The recipe calls for 3 chillies, but I only have Pam Chilli paste. I have put one tablespoon in. I dont want relish tobe too hot, so what do you recommend another tablespoon or how many. If I dont put anymore in, and at the end, I find it lacking, can I add more then. Or does it need tobe cooked in and not just stired in at the end. Thank you.

Chef_jills3, Feb 23, 5:01 am

I usually judge those paste by 1 teaspoon equals 1 chilki or garlic clove etc. So I would think you have enough in if you used a tablespoon.

Chef_kirmag, Feb 23, 5:25 am

I dont eat or make but i think the paste is not as strong so add the 2 tblsp taste then add add at end As easy to add but if too hot hard to take out

Chef_harrislucinda, Feb 23, 5:27 am

Taste it

Chef_rainrain1, Feb 23, 5:41 am

Thanks for replies. Yes I thought chilli paste may not be as strong, so tasted it and added another 1 and half tablespoons, all good. Another year of cheese and relish sandwiches.

Chef_jills3, Feb 23, 6:26 am

well done jills 3

Chef_harrislucinda, Feb 4, 9:02 am