Can you recomend a brand of gluten free cookies ?

mal84, Feb 23, 6:44am
My daughter (3 years) has a play date at ours tomorrow and her friend has celiac's. Would be nice to be able to offer some morning tea she can eat. Figure some cookies and fruit should cover it.

cgvl, Feb 23, 9:41am
I generally make my own. I would just offer fruit but you may find the mum packs a snack box for her. Otherwise I would ask the mum.

unicstudent, Feb 23, 8:38pm
Arnott's Rice cookies are generally readily available at supermarket. They are tasty, and round with a hole in them so fun too for littlies :)

unicstudent, Feb 23, 8:40pm
And rice crackers to have with cheese, you can get these anywhere, various brands, and lots of flavours.

ed65, Feb 23, 9:26pm
Some rice crackers aren't gluten free so please check the label before you buy. The Peckish range are definitely safe for someone with coeliacs.

I think our favourite bought GF biscuits have been the 250g pack of Leda chocolate chip or golden crunch cookies. Really yummy! Leda also make nice gingernut biscuits in a smaller packet but I find them a bit stronger tasting than 'normal' gingernuts so they might not appeal to littlies. We aren't fans of Leda's arrowroot biscuits.

I've read warnings online about the Arnott's rice cookies not being completely safe so just be aware of that. Haven't had them ourselves but just because something's made from rice (cookies, crackers, etc) doesn't mean it's safe to eat as many are made on manufacturing lines that also process gluten.

pommyjohn1, Jan 30, 9:53am
I understood that these biscuits are no longer GF

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