any ideas for mussel fritter topping?

arwen2190, Feb 10, 8:58am
am having a fundraiser selling mussell fritters any ideas for a topping? salsa? just to gourmet it up!

goldgurl, Feb 10, 9:05am
bread and real butter - anything else (other than mayo or sweet chilli sauce lol) would kill it! !

briddles1, Feb 10, 9:10am
MMM a lil bit of caramelized red onion

beaker59, Feb 10, 10:24am
Thai sweet chilli sauce works well.

denzaal, Feb 11, 10:18pm
Kiwifruit Salsa

purplegoanna, Feb 11, 11:29pm
ditto cant go wrong with a wad of bread & butter for a mussel sammy butty. Ive seen a lady with 4 buckets of fritter mix and loaves of bread sell out within hours of everyone else... .

fisher, Feb 12, 5:35am
make this seafood sauce... bread, butter, fritter and 2 tsp of sauce...
Just ask if they want sauce or no sauce...
1/2 cup aioli. . 1/4 cup tomato sauce. . worcestershire sauce. . tabasco sauce. . 1/4 cup cream horseradish. . zest 1 lime, 1 lemon. . salt and pepper. .
Mix all well together and cover. Will store in fridge for a week

make it before hand and try it...

pickles7, Feb 12, 5:40am
chilli jam mmmmmm nice.

miss_vampy, Aug 5, 5:40pm

Real butter would be nice too but it's also pretty expensive. Maybe that 50/50 country blend stuff will do?

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