best Mussel Fritter recipe PLEEEASE~!

darlingmole, Apr 1, 8:05am
Was going to get my husband to smoke them but then thought mussel fritter would be nicer. What's your nicest recipe please . . .

mselaineous, Apr 1, 8:34am
My favourite cooking method is heated in Watties just add mustard & honey witzh either rice or pasta and vegees of your preference.

beaker59, Apr 1, 10:20am
There is a trick to Mussel fritters, shell them live do not steam open its actually quite easy once you get the knack. Then cut each Mussel into 3 pieces and put in a bowl for each dozem good sized mussels add a finely chopped onion, a finely chopped tomato and a handful of chopped herbs like basil and corriander. I add crushed garlic and chilli but thats optional then add 2 or 3 tablespoons of flour and a good pinch of baking powder. I sometimes add a pinch or two of curry powder too. Then stir well and fry in a mix of rice bran oil and butter. small ones for finger food or a nice big fritter for a meal. Mussels are really fat and perfect for this recipe right now.

sherralynne, Apr 1, 11:40pm
We went to the Havelock Mussel Festival. Richard Till did a cooking demonstration and made Mussel Fritters. He told the group that you should always use raw mussel meat in the fritter, because if you steam them first, then cook the fritters, you're cooking the mussel meat twice and it ends up tough. Here's the link to Richard's Mussel Fritter recipe

This is a lovely recipe!

grannypam, Apr 1, 11:58pm
we are having mussel fritters tonight . .

and yes opening them first is the only way to do them. . but we only have mussels in them. . no herbs or added ingredients

in my kitchen anyways. . lol

margyr, Apr 2, 12:35am
nom, nom, the boys have been fishing and in the back of the boat was a sugar sack, I thought they had got some mussels but no pine cones;( would love a feed of them, although they have caught heaps of snapper, I am abit sick of it.

margyr, Apr 2, 12:36am
thats a feed of mussels not pine cones.

traceedwards, Apr 2, 12:41am
to the pinch of curry powder

guest, May 31, 10:55am
hi fiffer fans; well it starts from thinking about the doz or so , steamd not over steamd. hard to get of the shell , .crispy chinees batter with dash of lemon. try batter in oil first , if good , then always beat ya best fritter.cheers

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