Beer batter!

posy12, Jul 30, 6:36am
first of all YES i have checked the search on the left hand side. still having trouble finding a beer batter recipe, any ideas?

pickles7, Jul 30, 6:42am
Drink the beer, and ferment the flour and water. Gives a much nicer flavour, cooks up crisp and light. No recipe to give, its that easy.

posy12, Jul 30, 6:44am
going to sound very stupid, but what do you mean buy ferment the flour and water?

macandrosie, Jul 30, 7:15am
Forget the beer. Try 1 cup self raising flour, add enough chilled water to make a batter to the thickness you would like. Just before using add 3-4 ice cubes, stir then add your flour-coated fish or whatever. Also cooking twice - cook first time at 170C remove, heat to 190C then cook again. Should come out nice & crispy.

pickles7, Jul 30, 7:19am
Mix up flour and water a bit of salt with water, leave it in a warm place to ferment, it uses wild airborne yeasts to ferment the batter. It cooks up the same as beer batter, it does not have a beer taste.
Self raising flour and a little salt, mixed with water and sat on the bench all afternoon is good as well.
Beer mixed into flour with a little salt, uses the yeast in the beer to ferment.
Flour seafoods before dipping in batter.
Batter using eggs is softer and can have a cake like texture.
Salt kills fats and oils so don't over salt, sprinkle salt after you have cooked whatever you are cooking.
Try them all.

posy12, Jul 30, 7:21am
thank you pickles! :)

cookessentials, Jul 30, 7:21am
Look up crispy batter , Nauru has posted one on that thread. Put in last year. I cannot seem to cut and paste with this tablet.

pickles7, Jul 30, 7:26am
Why the ice cubes?
We never cooked fish twice it splattered too much juice, juice in the vat is not cool. We cooked oysters in their own vat as they tained the fat.

cookessentials, Jul 30, 7:29am
You obviously have never made tempura batter pickles!

pickles7, Jul 30, 7:37am
Tempura batter is made using eggs, and cornflour isn't it? We would not have used that it would have messed up our vats. We don't fry now.
We never used it, too messy, we would be all the time picking out crumbles.

cookessentials, Jul 30, 7:52am
Cornflour ! No. Egg, icy water, plain flour and a pinch of baking soda. nothing more.

beaker59, Jul 30, 8:17am
Beer batter is simple just stir flour into newly opened cold beer mix into a batter consistency then use, it will froth a bit at the start but quickly settle down. As the Batter cooks it releases the co2 gas still in the beer to give a rise nothing to do with fermentation. Easy to make and cook I use it for mussels or pacific oysters not a fan in fish prefer to make a batter with flour cold water and baking powder for fish.

cookessentials, Jul 30, 8:28am
Soda does much the same thing. I like a nice beer batter.

pericles, Jul 30, 9:43pm
Beer Battered Fish Fillets
Before you start, drink one beer to check for quality. Good, isn’t it? Now go ahead.


1 case beer
1 cups flour
2 large eggs
1 onion
salt and pepper
deep fryer


Get a shallow bowl, fork, salt, pepper, etc. Drink another beer. It must be just right. To be sure beer is of the highest quality, drink another beer as fast as you can. Repeat.

With fork, mix flour in a large fluffy bowl. Add 1 seaspoon of satl and imx again. Meanwhile, make sure that the beer is of the finest quality– drink another one. Add 2 arge leggs, 2 pinchers of epperp and mix till high. If yeg golk gets stuck in fork, just scrape it loose with a drewscriver. Drink another beer, checking for tonscisticity.

Next sift 3 cups of pepper or salt (it really doesn’t matter which). Drink antoher reeb. Sift 1/2. Fold in chopped oninions and one babblespoon of bree, or whatever liquid you can find if you don’t want to waste beer. Wix mell. Have another beeber.

Pour oil in turn and fry deep fater to higher. Dump ifsh into miexd tabber. Now dropped fillettettes into feep dat rfyer and kooc. Drink the rest of the beer, plug unfry ther and bo to ged.

cookessentials, Jul 30, 10:25pm
LOL, so after that, lets hope the fish was tasty? The beer certainly was!

sampa, Jul 30, 11:53pm
That's hilarious pericles- love it!

vtired, Jul 31, 4:17am
75g flour, 75g cornflour, 1/4 tsp baking soda, salt and pepper when you are ready to start cooking pour in a stubbie of cold lager (I use a whole bottle as like batter thin) I also add some natural yellow food colour, dip fish in flour then into batter then straight into fryer until crisp and serve straight away.

bev00, Jul 31, 10:46am

beaker59, Jul 31, 10:51pm
Caution don't drink and fry.

pickles7, Aug 1, 12:14pm
bad egg. lol

kam04, Aug 2, 2:52am
Drink the beer while the wife is down at the fish & chip shop

pickles7, Jan 27, 5:50pm
really bad egg. ,lol

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