Cheese and onion sandwichs

Does anyone know how the cafes make there cheese and onion sandwichs? Its not just sliced onion.

Chef_angie117, Feb 25, 12:37 am

In a food processor put grated cheese and finely sliced onion, add a bit of milk and whizz till it's a paste type mixture. You can also use a bit of mayonnaise in it too.

Chef_dolphin19, Feb 25, 12:57 am

Cheese, onion, cream cheese,salt and pepper a little milk to bind.

Chef_bullock123, Feb 25, 1:57 am

Or just finely chopped or grated onion. cheese and a little pepper. And a touch of boiling water to make it into a spreadable paste.

Chef_popeye333, Feb 25, 2:47 am

We do grated cheese, spring onion for a bit of colour and a small amount of finely chopped white onion. Mix with mayo and a little boiling water to bind it together to a nice spreadable mixture. Oh and don't forget the black pepper. I use vinyl gloves on my hands and sort of knead it together. If it gets a chance will keep in container in fridge for a good few days. Ours always gets used rather quickly

Chef_aisling8, Feb 25, 2:48 am

I want cheese and onion sammies now!

Chef_kirmag, Feb 25, 4:58 am

Sorry to be slightly off topic (cafe) but this brought back memories. Late 50.s
old school British parents (in NZ) made me cheese and onion sandwichs to take to school----1/8 inch slice of cheese with 1/8 slices of onion. Teacher said we would all appreciate it if you left your lunch in the corridor.
I was worried somebody my "flog" them but was assured they would be safe.

Chef_nala2, Feb 25, 6:06 am

Grate your onion and then the cheese add a little hot water to make it gloopy

Chef_petal1955, Feb 25, 6:57 am

Spread on bread then roll it and you have a cheese roll

Chef_unleashed46, Feb 25, 7:50 am

popeye is correct the boiled water is what makes the paste perfect and it whats your after re café sammies

Chef_motorbo, Feb 25, 8:09 am

Grated cheese, chopped spring onion, chopped gherkin or gherkin relish, and cream cheese mixed together is nice. The spring onion is a bit milder than brown onion too.

Chef_nauru, Feb 26, 8:25 am


Chef_socram, Feb 26, 9:09 am

Cheese and onion sandwiches, my all time favourite. You can grate the cheese add the chopped onion and some cream mayonnaise, 'Best' is good. Holds it all together and is yummy, added ground pepper, yummo.

Chef_deanna14, Jan 27, 1:45 am