Pams condensed milk

si50, Apr 1, 8:43am
baked a lemon slice and then discovered the milk was off. tasted foul :( Just bought it too.

slimgym, Apr 1, 5:58pm
I used to buy that brand until I went to use one tin and it look as though it had separated runny on the top and very thick on the bottom

rainrain1, Apr 1, 6:36pm
I avoid it

wheelmann, Apr 1, 7:03pm
Make it yourself. Milk powder, sugar and hot water.

kay34, Apr 1, 7:18pm
Had noticed this last night,slightly "seperated" runny on top, thicker at the bottom, baked 100x biscuits with no probs.

extemporaneous, Apr 1, 7:29pm
It tastes disgusting when it isn't off. I am really surprised they still sell any of it.

wheelmann, Apr 1, 7:54pm
I find the canned versions taste of can. Ruins a good Key Lime pie and a total waste of fresh limes.

harrislucinda, Apr 1, 8:42pm
yes have made real nice

niffer13, Apr 1, 9:52pm
What quantities do you use? Thanks

harrislucinda, Apr 2, 2:29am
my recipe says 2 tlbsp butter 1/2 cup boiling water 3/4 cup white sugar 1 1/3 cup milk powder mix altogether allow to cool

si50, Nov 11, 2:07am
cool! Cos the highland brand is quite pricey/tin!

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