Why is my crumble always a fail?

racheal77, May 12, 6:28am
tried a few recipes apple or feijoa, all of them end up with the crumble topping being like dough. So what am I doing wrong? I leave all the juice, should this be strained or am I just putting the topping on to thick?

awoftam, May 12, 6:45am
How do you make your crumble? I just use flour, sugar (I use dextrose) and butter, whizzed together and then rubbed into rolled oats. Can add other spices but this is the basic recipe. Always works for me. Edited to say I don't drain any juice from the fruit base as this relates to the question posted by OP.

racheal77, May 12, 6:48am
the same except I use brown sugar, how thick if your topping?

awoftam, May 12, 6:54am
Not too think - I sprinkle, or 'crumble' it over the top. It is thicker in some places than others but not dense, if you get my drift. What recipe are you using i.e. wonder if you are using too much flour. Have you tried different crumble recipes - some have no flour, for instance.

darlingmole, May 12, 6:57am
this is my recipe:

60 grams melted butter
1 C flour
1 Tbsp baking powerder
1 C rolled coats
3/4 C brown sugar
1/2 C desiccated coconut

The only time this won't work is if there is too much liquid in which case it kind of caramalises - good luck anyway!

racheal77, May 12, 7:26am
Im pretty sure Im putting the topping on too thick, as there are just two of us I normally use a smaller dish. Its more than just a sprinkle that's for sure.

griffo4, May 12, 7:31am
How much juice is in the dish?
Is there alot of top where the crumble will soak it up before it get time to cook
Maybe strain a bit off and see if that helps most of the ones l do or have seen done are reasonably dry as in there is not alot of juice sloshing round but not really dry, hope you can understand that

Edit to add what temperature are you baking it at?

nauru, May 12, 7:31am
I toss the fruit in a little cornflour before putting in it the dish, this helps thicken any juices while cooking. It will stop your topping getting soggy.

racheal77, May 12, 7:34am
This sounds like a great idea, thanks!

nauru, May 12, 7:38am
I also do that with the fruit when making fruit pies too.

eastie3, May 12, 8:12am
I use custard powder.

chito, May 12, 8:17am
Steam the fruit first and drain most of the liquid off. Perfect every time. Cup of oats, cup of flour, cup of coconut, brown sugar and butter.

luvmykicks, May 12, 6:59pm
I never add any liquid. The fruit will juice up as it cooks

moro4, May 12, 8:11pm
I would say that there isn't enough butter in the crumble mix so it's still quite floury rather than buttery/biscuity.

lil_angel_kel, May 19, 8:03pm
I cut up apples and put in the dish and sprinkle with a little sugar and cinnamon.
I then put the crumble over the top - I do it reasonably thick. My crumble is just butter, white sugar and flour :)

priscilla2, May 19, 10:03pm
I use Annabel Langbein's crumble recipe and I cook the apples etc in the microwave first for 5-7 minutes with no water added then drain off all the liquid,place the crumble on top and bake This is my most successful way.

sampa, May 20, 1:29am
Try mixing some of the crumble mixture through your fruit - about a third or a bit less and then put the rest on the top as per normal.

griffo4, May 25, 5:16am
bumping for someone looking for crumble recipe to use tonight hope you find one that suits

awoftam, May 25, 5:19am
Not a crumble but rereading this thread has reminded me I have been meaning to make an apple and feijoa pie. which I will do tonight.

daffy71, Jul 11, 8:51am
Thanks griffo4

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