Goldpack Fruit/Christmas Cake

campmother2002, Jan 3, 12:27pm
sampa - You kindly gave me the above Recipe in November and I am really pleased to say it turned out beautiful and I will definitely be making it again, might not wait till next Christmas! Mine was cooked in 2 hours and got a bit brown on top so next time I will cover it with some brown paper after about an hour and a half.
I gave this Recipe to my Sister too and she was pleased how it turned out.
Thanks so much for sharing this Recipe.
Happy New Year.

sampa, Jan 4, 7:19am
campmother you are so welcome but I hope you do realise that all I did was a search for the recipe. Beyond that, sadly, I can take no credit, apart from being very pleased it turned out to you liking of course. :)

A very happy New Year to you too and may all you cakes, fruit and otherwise, be delicious!

wron, Jan 7, 8:21am
If you don't like glace cherries like me can you just add the same weight of any other dried fruit?

campmother2002, Nov 25, 7:58pm
Apparently this Recipe is quite old and the Recipe was on the pack of Goldpack Fruit. I think it may be a boiled one but not sure. TIA.

sampa, Nov 25, 11:52pm
Here you go campmother (great name ;) -

Happy baking and Merry Christmas. :)

griffo4, Nov 26, 1:52am
thank you for posting l will give it a go

campmother2002, Nov 26, 2:27am
Thanks ever so much Sampa. I tasted this Cake at a Function last night so am keen to make it. Normally just do an ordinary Boiled Sultana Cake but this is just that much more like a Christmas Cake.
Have a lovely Christmas, I will let you know how it goes!

sampa, Nov 26, 4:45am
You are welcome campmother, happy to help, glad you liked the link too griffo4.

Please do come back and share how it turned out, hopefully another wonderful Christmas cake to add to future threads for people that enjoy the season and baking. :)

camper18, Nov 26, 4:46am
Thankyou Sampa, was about to ask if anyone still had this recipe as I have lost mine after a few shifts.

sampa, Nov 26, 7:04am
Glad to help. Let us know how it turns out and a wonderful and happy Christmas to you. :)

aktow, Nov 26, 12:46pm
this is a very old xmas cake recipe my mum has used for years

A) 1kg cake fruit mix
½ small pkt quartered glace cherries
½ small pkt blanched finely chopped almonds.
1 tsp grated lemon rind [optional]
1 tsp ground nutmeg
alcohol (brandy) approx 2 cups or as much as you like]

B) 225g butter 2 tbsp treacle 1 cup packed brown sugar 5 large eggs or 6 small
C) 2cups flour 2 tsp mixed spice 70g packet whole blanched almonds


1) place all fruit, mixed peel in a bowl,, add the brandy , give it a good mix,
. cover bowl and leave at least 4 hours or best overnight or longer
2) Heat butter in a pot,, add treacle ,brown sugar,, stir until sugar dissolved
3) let the butter mixture cool,, then add the eggs to the butter mixture one at . a time,, stirring with a wooden spoon continuously.
4) Tip butter egg mixture on the fruit mixture and mix well
5) add shifted flour and mixed spice to the fruit mixture and stir with a wooden spoon
6) place in prepared baking tin. Smooth out and with wet hand,, touch cake. Add the whole almonds to the top of the cake and the cherries,, you can add the cherries in with the fruit.

that is the recipe but i do two things different
1) melt butter, treacle, sugar in microwave
2) get a hand mixer and whisk in egg one at a time,
hints, you can use any alcohol. i used 5 mini alcohol bottles and the next day i put another three in the mix. cooking time is 3 hours at 150 degrees. check cake after 2 1/2 hours .

griffo4, Nov 30, 10:59pm
Just made Secret Squirrel's recipe
well l have baked the muffin sized ones and have to cook a loaf of bread before putting cake in but batter tastes very nice

nice quick easy recipe as well

anne1955, Dec 1, 5:46am
?have missed tat one is it on here? Thanks Anne

campmother2002, Dec 1, 10:15am
Hi Sampa - I prepared the Fruit on Saturday and made the Cake yesterday. Had the Oven on 160deg and it was cooked in 2 hrs. Next time I think I will put some brown paper on top after first hour. It's all wrapped up so can't tell you that how it turned out, smelt good! (It was cooked in a 23cm square tin. Thanks

griffo4, Dec 1, 9:32pm
Hi Anne
if you follow the link in Sampa's post #2 will take you to the recipe

l made a 20cm cake and 12 muffin sized ones, we had a muffin last night and they are very very nice not a dark cake either
l will be using this recipe again

sampa, Dec 2, 12:18am
Good to hear that it seems to be working out so well. :) Still in two minds about making a Chrissie cake here but will probably cave and make one at some point over the next week. Makes it feel - and smell - like Christmas.

camper18, Dec 4, 7:36am
Yeh made sampas recipe in two smaller tins and it was all done and beautiful in one and a half hrs. Looks and smells great.

sampa, May 17, 9:13am
Fantastic camper. Not my recipe though, someone else masterminded that. I just found the link. :)

Glad it worked out and you're all set for a yummy Christmas!

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