Taragon Vinegar

bonnie66, Feb 17, 9:19am
I need some for a pickle I want to do - none around this area - anyone got any suggestions of an alternative? Need it fairly soon or the other ingredients will spoil. Thanks

lilyfield, Feb 17, 9:23pm
got some tarragon growing?make a strong tea with it and add to the vinegar

or just leave it out of your recipe

buzzy110, Feb 18, 12:52am
Just use wine vinegar and add dried tarragon or use another flavour wine vinegar. I used tarragon vinegar the other day and even with my sense of taste, I just didn't see that tarragon vinegar was much different from ordinary red wine vinegar.

Tarragon is not a common herb in the NZ herb garden, but if you have any fresh, use that instead of wine vinegar otherwise pick another herb. Marjoram or oregano are nice.

bonnie66, Feb 18, 8:27am
Thanks buzzy managed to get some dried Taragon will try it with wine vinegar and see what happens - cant leave it out as its one of the main ingredients of the pickle.

autumnwinds, Feb 18, 9:21am
Mitre 10, even the Red Shed should have plants available, and Tarragon vinegar is quick and easy to make. If not the vinegar (and I'd use white wine, rather than red wine, vinegar for tarragon vinegar or as a replacement), then use fresh in preference to dried - dried just doesn't have that gorgeous aniseedy favour of the fresh tarragon.

It is such a unique flavour. and absolutely essential to a good bearnaise sauce.

bonnie66, Feb 19, 8:10am
Oh I agree about the taste of tarragon vinegar and béarnaise sauce, when I was cooking for dinner parties, in the old days ;-) it was a staple in my pantry. We live in a small town where to say the least basics from our so called supermarket are often in short supply, anything out of the norm one gets looked at as if one is an alien. We don't have the luxury of Mitre 10 or Red Shed locally but I am going to Thames is a couple of weeks so will try then - in the meantime I will use the pumpkin I have with my concoction of white vinegar and dried tarragon for this lot. Thank you for your helpful advice.

ritebuy, Feb 19, 8:47am
vetro deli sell tarragon vnegar in Gisborne

buzzy110, Feb 12, 4:59pm
My tarragon vinegar has always been made with wine vinegar.

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