Recipe needs lard and bacon fat

sumstyle, Oct 21, 7:55am
Lard I can find, but 1/4 cup of bacon fat? I suppose bacon fat would add a smokey flavour - what could I use instead, or should I leave it out completely?

245sam, Oct 21, 8:00am
What is the recipe for, sumstyle? I would expect that the purpose of the bacon fat is to add both a smokey flavour and some saltiness, and IMO whether or not you leave it out depends on what you are making and how important the smokey flavour is because the saltiness could, of course, be added in the form of. salt. :-))

sumstyle, Oct 21, 8:06am
It a Mexican dish called Carnitas

daarhn, Oct 21, 8:31am
Ok to use 1/4 cup olive or other oil instead. You're simmering the pork meat in the oil before final slow cook in other liquid mix.

Post to let us know how delish your dish was!

awoftam, Oct 21, 8:35am
I have read a few carnitas recipe and they do not sll call for bacon fat so I'd leave it out. Mmmmmmmm pork tacos yummmmmmmmmm

coralsnake, Oct 21, 8:47am
Usually untrimmed pork shoulder is used i.e. leave the fat on.

One trad recipe the familia back in Texas uses calls for 2lbs of pork shoulder [trimmed], 2 lbs of pork lard, 1 cup water, 2 oranges washed and halved, spices, 1 cup evaporated milk and 1/2 cup beer.
If you don't trim the pork, use less pork lard.

Carnitas is normally served on corn not flour tortillas.

sumstyle, Oct 21, 9:05am
Excellent, thanks all. Good tip to get the untrimmed pork shoulder.

Y'all have to wait for the weekend now, calls for very long cooking. plus I gotta buy the piggy.

coralsnake, Oct 21, 9:41am
Are you doing it in a pot or slow cooker?
Pot cooking - stir every 20 mins to ensure it doesn't stick to the pot.

lythande1, Oct 21, 6:19pm
Where do you get bacon fat? From bacon.
Buy your streaky bacon, always, always grill it, then tip off the fat into a container and store for use later.
As you don't have any, add a bit of bacon to the recipe - the point is the flavour. bacon fat has heaps of gorgeous flavour and you don't need much.

punkinthefirst, Oct 22, 12:18am
You could, of course, add a couple of slices of bacon (chopped, or not) to the mix before cooking.

uli, Aug 18, 4:50pm
Poor piggy is going to walk on 3 legs for a while now.

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