How do you fry steak

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uli, Jan 1, 6:03am
Hot fry pan
nice cut
good oil (coconut) or fat (beef dripping)
quick hot fry
and if you do not want to see anything "red" (which is not blood by the way) then put a lid on and let it rest for a few minutes.

slimgym, Jan 1, 4:15pm
when you watch masterchef in America they cook their steaks in butter heaps of it, cant find that recipe in weight watchers book. I do wonder what it would taste like

lythande1, Jan 1, 6:52pm
You fry it - not at a super high temp - which will leave the inside raw. Then out your pan in the oven for a bit. That's how you get well done.
You do need to use a tender cut thoughh.

As for "resting", people have some weird ideas about that, quite often perpetuated by chefs.

All it does it allow the meat to continue cooking - at a lower temperature - cause it's still hot.

happychappy50, Jan 1, 6:53pm
Real hot plate,fillet is my preference,a bit spolit as I have my own home kill & is a treat,also love a mushroom sauce on it,don't need much,after switching from butchers/supermarket meat I would never go back . Taste being the main factor,yet the hip pocket also gets a treat

rainrain1, Jan 1, 7:20pm
A tender piece of porterhouse is our favourite with a nice ridge of fat down one side, left side or right side, take your pick. I'm a bit unpredictable when it comes to cooking steak, but if it's off a nice beastie, then it's usually all good to eat. I add a good big blob of butter and crushed garlic to the juices in pan, scrape off all the brownings, and pour that over the steak on the plate.

twindizzy, Jan 2, 12:25am
Superhot is fine and won't leave the meat raw inside if you have a half decent pan. Scotch medium rare. Good times.

uli, Jan 2, 3:29am
People let it "rest" so they do not have the red juice seeping onto their plates.
And of course it continues cooking, that is the idea of it. Quick hot sear, then resting.

samanya, Jan 2, 5:01am
I always understood that resting doesn't the juices don't run out . they are still in the steak & of course that makes it more succulent & juicy.
We are on the same page.

smallwoods, Jan 2, 8:36am
I rarely use a pan now but use a griddle, leaves those nice criss cross marks, so I turn the steaks twice on each side.
Meat at room temp.
Pat dry.
Brush on oil.
Griddle smoking hot.
About 30 seconds each turn, nice dark crosses.
Depending on doneness, rest or into oven at 110.
Rest 2-5 minutes

sarahb5, Jan 3, 2:34am

michelle_smith, Jan 6, 8:37am
so that it isn't tough and not bloody! thanks,

unknowndisorder, Jan 6, 8:46am
what sort of steak? things like blade steak are for stewing and not frying.

we pretty much only eat eye fillet steak, which I cook for 3-4 minutes a side, depending on how thick it is, then rest it for another 3-4 minutes, but that is medium rare (often decide to leave the second side for an extra minute). resting time is half the cooking time.

meaning we don't steak often, not that we are total carnivores. I do come home with sirloin occasionally, and just get told off. we would rather eat steak less often, and there is only two of us.

Oh, sirloin you also want to cut the fat, and render that down for a few minutes. (Not cut it off, but divide it)
Resting makes the world of difference (never used to, so do know it helps) :)

And no way an expert, but hope that gives some ideas (I hate overcooked meat, and medium rare is the only way to eat eye fillet in my eyes)

unknowndisorder, Jan 6, 8:50am
Sorry, not meaning to be rude about the blade steak thing just a friend was staying and went into our freezer, cooked up the blade steak and then commented to me it was tough - I wondered what he meant when he said he had eaten the steak from the freezer, didn't recall having any (this is years ago, and he was house sitting for a weekend) lol

kaeloch, Jan 6, 8:54am
Very very hot (smoking) cast iron pan.
Cook a few minutes each side and rest before serving
I have my steak blue but my partner is med rare so do both here

gpg58, Jan 6, 9:19am
same re pan.
Supermarket thickness steak 2.5 - 3 mins first side, second 2 mins and then rest for 5 on a plate, under foil.
Good thick steak 3-3.5 and 2.5 - 3. both for medium rare ie pink not red. medium add 1 minute first sides and .5 to second. Keep the pan hot all the way! best to lift/tilt pan to control temp, turning down never works for me.

utu4, Jan 6, 9:20am
Also, make sure it is room temp before cooking

sarahb5, Jan 6, 9:59am
Buy the best quality steak you can afford and let it rest after cooking so it isn't tough - too bloody means you're just not cooking it long enough.

michelle_smith, Jan 6, 10:04am
thank you for the good ideas will take these on board

duckmoon, Jan 6, 10:13am
1. buy fillet steak
2. slowly fry onions with a splash of balsamic and some brown sugar
3. heat pan with butter and olive oil and smoking hot
4. put steak in pan -
5. turn once only
6. remove from pan - let it rest
7. serve with onions (above), mashed potato and peas

9. and
10. enjoy - slowly

duckmoon, Jan 6, 10:15am
we had an opportunity to go out to a restuarant twice in the space in six weeks.
I ordered steak both occassions
I was disappointed on both occassions

I figured if I was paying $30 for steak at a restuarant, I might as well (occassionally) buy fillet steak at $24 for our whole family (four)

sarahb5, Jan 6, 10:18am
Good point - I'm too tight to shout my lot fillet steak when they're still happy to eat burgers from Maccas!

jag5, Jan 6, 7:21pm
Also. oil the steak. not the pan

twindizzy, Jan 6, 7:28pm
Steak to room temperature (seasoned)
Rub with a little olive oil
Smoking hot pan
Turn once

biggles45, Jan 6, 7:48pm
This except I season before cooking. I cook for about 1 minute per 1cm of thickness for medium rare. Then use the pan to make the sauce/jus., Jan 6, 8:25pm
Here is a 2.5 min video of Gordon Ramsay cooking a steak - however his is quite rare so you would need to cook longer for medium and beyond.