Cocktail meatballs

heathermay1, Jul 14, 5:00am
A nice tasty recipe for small meatballs to be served in a tasty sauce .To be served as finger food so will be using tooth picks

petal1955, Jul 14, 6:40am
This Sophie Gray recipe is a goodie.

Just roll then fairly small and make up extra sauce to serve as a dipping sauce

Devilled Meatballs

Sophie Gray
Serves 6-8

1 kg lean mince
1 egg
50 grms breadcrumbs
¼ cup milk
1 tsp salt
2 tsp mixed herbs
2 tbsp oil
½ cup finely chopped onion
¾ cup grated apple
½ cup chutney
1 ½ cups hot water
2 beef stock cubes
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp cornflour
3 tbsp water
Combine mince, egg, breadcrumbs. Milk. Salt and herbs and using wet hands form mixture into bite sized balls. Heat oil in a large shallow pan and fry balls until lightly browned. Remove from pan. Add the chopped onion to the pan and fry gently till soft, add grated apple, chutney, hot water and stock cubes (dissolved in water) brown sugar and soy sauce. Combine cornflour and water and add to the sauce to thicken it. Return meatballs to sauce and simmer for 15 mins. Serve with rice.

saltness, Aug 24, 4:48am
Justamumnz has an amazing BBQ meatball recipe on her website

wheelz, Dec 7, 8:53am
These are just delicious!
Asian pork meatballs
450g pork mince 2 tbsp honey. 3 tbsp fish sauce. 4 spring onions. 1 clove garlic. 2 tsp lemon grass. 1 t cornflour. 1 tbsp mint. 2 tbsp fresh
In a pan, warm honey and fish sauce, stir to make a syrup. Leave to cool.
I a bowl mix pork, honey syrup, onions, lemon grass, cornflour, mint & coriander. Mix and season with lots of black pepper. Shape into 20 balls. Chill 30 mins.
Brush balls with oil and brown in pan. Serve with bowl of dipping sauce.
Sauce: 2 tbsp lime juice. 1 tsp fresh coriander. 3 spring onions. 2 tbsp soya sauce. 1 tsp sesame oil.
Mix all together.

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