Puhoi Cellar Washed Rind Cheese?

Chef_paora-tm, May 20, 2:18 am
Anybody ever eaten this cheese? Should it smell worse than 1000 rats which died a week ago?

Chef_unknowndisorder, May 20, 2:55 am
Lol, can't see them using that description in their advertising, but also think if you don't like blue cheeses, you won't like that. and no, sorry, never even heard of it, but might have to find some for DH to try (and am guessing I will agree with your description of the smell, as not a cheese fan) ;)

Chef_davidt4, May 20, 2:56 am
Washed rind cheeses have a distinctive smell, some stronger than others. Mostly they taste sweet and mild, with a nice creamy texture. I don't much like the smell but I love the flavour. The main problem is storing them - unless you keep washed rind cheese in a sealed container you will think something has died at the back of your fridge.

Unknown - have a look for Kapiti Ramara. It is an excellent washed rind cheese that is widely available in supermarkets. Keep it sealed in the fridge!

Chef_sampa, May 20, 3:15 am

Chef_paora-tm, May 20, 3:39 am
Thanks for replies and thanks for that link, Sampa. I was so close to throwing it out - geez, what a stink. I'm having an argument with the person who bought it. He always moans when I put grated parmesan cheese on pasta - the stuff you buy in the canister (Ornelle) which sometimes smells a bit strong. That parmesan is barely noticeable compared to this putrid rind cheese. I put it in a sealed plastic container and the smell even seeps through that!

Chef_cleggyboy, Jul 22, 2:57 am
Blue Stilton is a good one for clearing the room.

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