Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse

daarhn, Oct 11, 4:24am

WOW. learned something new today. I wonder if it's the same if using the chickpea water from soaking your own?

frances1266, Oct 11, 5:06am
I understand that it is. Aquafaba is great. You can make meringue that doesn't entail cruelty to chickens.

daarhn, Oct 11, 5:15am

Swedish Chef Chikee in the Basket

rainrain1, Oct 11, 6:18am
But surely it is cruel to the chick pees

awoftam, Oct 11, 7:29am
I don't get this post - how is eating an unfertilised egg cruel to anything? Should we not eat nuts because a tree won't be able to grow? Or have I missed something.

uli, Oct 11, 8:04am
Any plant seed wants to grow and have offspring - so you are hard pressed to find anything to eat if you are in that frame of mind - except maybe tomatoes as the seeds will grow better if they go through your digestive tract and exit with some fertilizer around them. Or any fruit (plant the kernels though!) or bananas - which cannot be propagated via seeds but only via offshoots.

Pretty much anything else wants to grow seeds and not be eaten! Eggs fertilized or not are not as "hassled" (because they have not started to become an animal before they are sat upon by the hen) as living sprouts which are chewed while still alive and growing in your sandwich . they are alive while you chew them! Bon appetit.

mjhdeal, Oct 12, 2:40am
I like my own 'normal' mayonnaise, but when I found this recipe on Pinterest for aquafaba mayonnaise, it sounded so intriguing I kept it to try sometime (scroll down - the meringue recipe is there too):

awoftam, Oct 12, 7:06am
The whole thing just fascinates me. I have to try it. I will be making some hummus this week so will aquafaba away and see what happens!

daarhn, Sep 5, 5:48pm
its the taste colour and texture I'm wondering about. how clever people discovering things like this. I suppose if you take away the food itself and break it down to chemical composition then there can be a myriad of ways you can use certain foods in different ways. Like avocados for mousse and frozen bananas for ice-cream when whipped. So clever! Breaking down the components for health research and cures and for use in industrial and medical. Food is more than just there to fill our bellies and nourish us. Fascinating!

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