Bread Cases -easy fillings?

Never made them before but am going to try tomorrow night. What are some easy fillings that can be served cold as limited heating where they are going? TIA

Chef_melinda1, Mar 20, 8:08 am

Easy fillings come in a can - spaghetti topped with cheese, sweetcorn. A favourite is a savoury mince mixture.

Chef_l*****1, Mar 20, 8:21 am

Same fillings as you would make in a savoury pie, or dish.
The main thing is not too much moisture in the mix.
Drain a tin of Salmon, and use that.
Mashed potatoes, with chopped onion in it.
Op you say limited heating were you are going, so use any thing that is nice cold,.
If you are making the case's, place the buttered bread into muffin tins, so that the butter will help to grease the tin, they release well if this is done.
Even make them like mini bacon and egg pies.
Egg ,tomatoes ,and ham goes well.

Chef_aj.2., Mar 20, 8:33 am

Thick cheese sauce with chopped asparagus. Thick cheese sauce with chopped hard boiled eggs, ham, spring onions and parsley. If you have an electric frypan you can heat them in that. Perhaps hire a small pie warmer.

Chef_camper18, Mar 20, 8:07 pm

Mushroom bacon cream cheese

Chef_luvmykicks, Mar 21, 3:39 am

Fry some chopped bacon and onion in a pot, add grated cheese and eggs (just crack em in there) and a good grind of black pepper and a decent squirt of tomato sauce.

My fav toasted sammie mix too.

Eta: or for the fish lovers swap the bacon for tinned salmon.

Chef_kirmag, Mar 21, 5:04 am

Thank you for the input. Didn't get them done so tonights job. Some cool and simple ideas

Chef_melinda1, Mar 21, 5:28 am

Smoked fish in a parsley sauce, mushrooms, bacon and egg, sweetcorn, .

Chef_charli, Mar 21, 5:46 am

Line the bread cases with a slice of very thinly sliced ham (I buy shaved ham at the supermarket.) Then a mixture of creamed corn spiced up with a bit of finely chopped red onion, red capsicum, chopped coriander, maybe a dash of chilli, and top with half a tiny tomato. Best heated but the ham layer helps them not go soggy.

Chef_patsprat, Dec 8, 1:03 am