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roshu, Jun 13, 3:41am
Of course, the yummy part is rather subjective.

My fave is sliced tomato on peanut butter. There is something delish about the acid in the tomato with the creaminess of the peanut butter

kirmag, Jun 13, 3:51am
People think my cheese sammies are weird - cheese, marmite, tomato sauce and mayo. I think they're yum!

Salmon (tinned), marmite and tomato relish. YUM again!

Marmite and banana.

Hmmmm there seems to be a theme with my weirdness.

asue, Jun 13, 4:29am
Marmite and potato chips (green onion)

dwyn5, Jun 13, 4:34am
Cheese and raspberry jam
Banana and raspberry jam
Banana and salt
Tomato and sugar
Yes, I am on the hefty side! ha

gardner8, Jun 13, 4:37am
celery and peanut butter
celery and cheese and marmite

karenz, Jun 13, 5:04am
Crunchy peanut butter and bacon in Vogels.

..james.., Jun 13, 6:05am
marmite and fresh fennel

karenz, Jun 13, 6:10am
Potato chips and vegemite. Chocolate chips.

attabiah, Jun 13, 6:12am
Chippies and marmite/vegemite!

samanya, Jun 13, 6:16am
Definitely a theme . how did you cope when the common denominator was out of production?
Stock pile?

carlos57, Jun 13, 7:12am
My mum used to make Marmite and walnut sandwiches - the walnut was chopped very finely. Keeping with the Marmite theme, I also like Marmite and sliced cold, cooked potato. My daughter's favourite sandwich is corn chips, spaghetti and tomato!

karlymouse, Jun 13, 7:30am
I remember in teenage years eating Peanut butter and beetroot sandwhiches, freshly made not soggy they were yum

jascas, Jun 13, 7:42am
Kiwifruit (very thinly sliced) cheese slice and ham

dibble35, Jun 13, 7:51am
Kiwifruit and cream cheese is yummy.
Peanut butter, cheese slice and banana (or any combo of the 3)

holly-rocks, Jun 13, 8:10am
Num num! That sounds pretty good! Actually a few walnuts added would be pretty good too :D

elsielaurie1, Jun 13, 8:42am
My son, now aged 37, from a very young age, loved and still loves, vegemite and honey! .
I enjoy dates and walnuts. yummy.

bella95, Jun 13, 1:44pm
Not so weird but def yummy; Banana with a good layer of coconut and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Mash the banana slightly so the coconut sticks better.
Also great as a toasted sandwich with a side of cream or icecream!

ursula4, Jun 13, 6:16pm
My nan loves thinly sliced watermelon in hers. Last night hubby did boiled egg n chicken chips - yum. We also like cream cheese and drained tinned apricots. Plus the norm, vegemite or marmite n chips ( sons fave).

molly37, Jun 13, 6:55pm
I love Beetroot and cheese toasted sandwiches.

kirmag, Jun 13, 8:07pm
Hahahaha yes I had a secret stash for when the need would arise.

samanya, Jun 13, 11:04pm
Good on you!
Bet plenty wished they has stashed, as well.

chris313, Jun 14, 1:09am
A friend of mine makes cream cheese and strawberry sandwiches, the are really lovely.

mica3, Jun 14, 1:53am
crunchie peanut butter, tomato and mung bean

vegemite and walnuts

apricot jam and cheese

hunter246, Jun 14, 3:58am
Not in a sandwich but other bizarre things that taste great together is that at the movies we dip our icecreams into the popcorn, fabulous popcorn on aa stick, think it must be to do with the salt and icecream thing cause I used to dip french fries into icecream sundaes, also very yummy but I haave moved on somewhat! lol

maximus44, Jun 14, 6:55am
Marmite and honey. My grandmother introduced me to this 50+ years ago. She used to have it on Sao crackers.

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