Roast Pork with crackling

petmacorpltd, Jul 28, 8:34am
I have to cook roast pork for large group tomorrow night and was going to slow roast the pork during the day. How will I get good crackling. Will I take it off the roast before I cook the pork and grill the pork skin at the end. Not sure how to work this - I know everyone will be looking forward to the crackling.

awoftam, Jul 28, 8:54am
People will have different ways of doing this however this is what works for me (and I always slow roast).

For the first 20 - 30 minutes I have the oven at 250 degrees; the skin, which has been rubbed with olive oil, salt and fennel seeds starts to crackle and pop. I then lower the heat to about 130, pour in some water, add a chopped onion, carrot and herbs (this forms the stock for my gravy) and cook for a minimum of 5 - 6 hours (for a 4 kilo shoulder or leg roast). adding a touch more water when needed and some wine about an hour before I remove the roast, which then rests under a heavy towel, for at least 20 minutes. If the crackle starts to look too brown I cover with foil and take off again half an hour before serving (I rarely have to do this). Cooking this way results in a stunning roast with awesome crackle and a stunning gravy. Bon apetite!

petmacorpltd, Jul 28, 9:02am
Oh, that's just what I wanted to hear. I am really into slow roasting now. Do you crush to fennel seeds? Do you have to grill the crackling a bit when you remove it from the meat?

awoftam, Jul 28, 9:20am
A weeny bit - the I just make sure I rub them into the meat really well with the salt and oil. And push it into the scores on top of the meat. I don't usually have to grill the crackling - I do try to find a piece with a decent (but not obscene) bit of fat under the skin - this is what makes or breaks it, I reckon.

lythande1, Jul 28, 8:05pm
I take it off the meat - cause crackle hates moisture. I put it on a rack above the meat and cook it.

rainrain1, Jul 28, 8:42pm
I always put the meat under the grill once cooked, just like they did on masterchef last night, but you have to watch it

valentino, Jul 30, 1:34am
A Simon Gault Recipe just came in from Selaks NZ.

Oh, requested the E cookbook of his with Selaks, should be interesting.

Bit of a bugger about him missing out on that promotional deal with TV on Air re Diabetes 2 TV program, it should had been done, a great need for this sort of stuff. Yep, Simon is Diabetes 2 and spent some time in UK and has come up with recipes for this, what a bugger, Oh sorry if OTT but look at that pork recipe of his.


fifie, Feb 3, 3:52pm
I find good crackling depends on the pork. You need a little fat under the skin for crunch, so much meat is very lean these days choose carefully.

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