Dill, mint & coriander in abundance

kcak, Sep 9, 9:37pm
I have dill, mint and coriander growing in abundance in the garden at the moment and before the caterpillars get into it, I would like to preserve it in some way for future use. Ideas and/or recipes please.

geldof, Sep 9, 11:10pm
Chop and freeze in olive oil in ice cube trays

village.green, Sep 9, 11:25pm
A tip, dill and mint always go well with Spanokotiropita (spinach and cheese pie).
Love the suggestion from geldof too!

daarhn, Sep 10, 2:36am
Pesto the mint n corriander. cream cheese and dill the rest

wildflower, Sep 10, 3:37am
I'm the same, my mint looks lovely at the moment but it won't come summer when I'll be wanting to use it the most!

nauru, Sep 10, 6:55am
Mint sauce, also freeze some of the mint and coriander to add to dishes.

wildflower, Oct 31, 8:18am
I mostly use it for adding to salads so prefer not to have to add oils etc but might not have a choice.

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