Mint sauce with no malt vinegar

ggoodwin, Nov 1, 5:31am
Hi, I'm out of malt vinegar and want to make a quick mint sauce to go on lamb tonight. Any ideas for a substitute recipe? I have balsamic or white vinegar. Would either of these work? HELP! lol

245sam, Nov 1, 5:34am
ggoodwin, I haven't had the need to do so myself, but I suggest that you use either of the vinegars that you have available- probably I'd use balsamic for preference rather than the white vinegar.

Hope that helps.:-))

ggoodwin, Nov 1, 5:35am
I quite like balsamic so might go with that one. If it doesn't work I'll hold you accountable! lol thanks ;)

uli, Nov 1, 5:35am
Or a mix of both - the balsamic alone might be a bit too sweet.

ggoodwin, Nov 1, 5:46am
oops, too late. Ah, well, we'll see how this experiment goes!

greerg, Nov 1, 5:49am
I always use white vinegar in mint sauce.

darkraven1, Jul 7, 1:14pm
I always use lemon juice and raw sugar.....much nicer than vinegar.