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sticky232, Jul 13, 6:22am
What else do you put mint sauce on besides lamb

rainrain1, Jul 13, 6:39am
Good question, and I have no idea, I usually tip it out after the meat is gone. I love the mint jelly you buy in the wee jar, that never gets wasted.

veejay13, Jul 13, 6:44am
I like it in mince.

valentino, Jul 13, 8:35am
Love mint sauce, even sometime heat it up a little for a nice warm sipping drink, great for the old throat even for that annoying cough.


kaddiew, Jul 13, 9:32am
I like it with cooked peas. And I haven't tried this but apparently you can add it to yogurt to make a mint raita.

chookpan, Jul 13, 9:53am
Now this may sound weird, but I love it with corned silverside.

hd07, Jul 13, 10:10am
I love it on ham (ham off the bone ham).

kirmag, Jul 13, 11:07pm
Roast pork, love it with roast pork!

eastie3, Jul 14, 3:08am
Years ago I watched someone on tv -a West Coaster from memory- pour it over whitebait patties.

pollypanner, Jul 14, 7:51am
Love ít on fish

sarahb5, Jul 14, 7:53am
I prefer mint jelly - my sons have decided mint jelly works well on roast beef as well as roast lamb! Mint sauce works quite well on boiled potatoes or potato salad

cinderellagowns, Jul 14, 8:41am
I've used it as a dressing for a pasta salad that had feta cheese in it. The sweet and tanginess of the mint was good foil for the saltiness of the feta and the blandness of the pasta.

farmer33, Jul 17, 9:25am
Love it on silverbeet.

jwn1, Jul 17, 9:30am
Cooked peas, drained, blend with mint sauce - used as a hummus type dip or side dish, so good!

ruby2shoes, Jul 17, 8:08pm
its nice on a lettuce based salad.
And if i can't be fagged doing gravy, on the roast veg.

feistyweething, Jul 17, 8:36pm
Any vegetables. Works wonderfull with silverside.
We use it every night. (Yes we are obsessed).
We have discovered Whitlocks mint sauce. Once you try it nothing else compares.

feistyweething, Jul 17, 8:37pm
Not weird!

cleggyboy, Jul 17, 8:51pm
I add it to gravy when having lamb. It gives it a nice flavour.

ruby2shoes, Jul 17, 9:16pm
I make my own - good ol' Edmonds recipe

socram, Jul 18, 1:28am
Genuine mushy peas, (not mashed peas) sold on their own, have to have mint sauce with them! Not likely to be an issue in NZ.

I always add concentrated mint sauce to a spaghetti Bolognese. Stir into the meat sauce just before serving.

fifie, Jul 18, 2:41am
I make mint sauce up with brown sugar longer it sits in pantry to thicken the better. ATM I'm using last of 2015 brew. Love it drizzled on any roasts before cooking usual meat and veg, cold meat Sammies, tossed through new spuds etc. Kids even like it because of the sweetness.

kaddiew, Jul 18, 3:57am
Me too. The bought stuff pales in comparison.

jazzryn, Jul 22, 12:31am
2 parts sugar, 2 par tarts vinegar, 1 part minced mints, bring all to the boil for a few minutes. Add a little water when and as you need some sauce. Lasts for ages, I have kept for up to 3 years. Nicest mint sauce have ever had and I use it on a lot of my main meals

dezzie, Jul 22, 5:31am
I like it on poached eggs.

ruby2shoes, Jul 22, 5:48am
now I've never heard that one before! might have to give that a whirl!

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