Mint Sauce

245sam, Feb 26, 3:46am
fifie, I have your Mint Sauce recipe and wonder if you could please advise what quantity of sauce the recipe actually makes. :-))

socram, Feb 26, 4:15am
Traditional in my neck of the woods to buy a bowl of mushy peas from a market stall, or fairgound stall, and add mint sauce.

A spoonful of the mint concentrate added to a spaghetti bolognese works well too.

articferrit, Feb 26, 4:28am
I make mine from an apple jelly mixture, boil the apples with the mint stalks in it, and when you make the jelly add the chopped up mint leaves, it set and seals in jars like jam and lasts forever, and if I may say so myself its awesome!

sooseque, Feb 26, 7:23pm
What size bag of brown sugar ?

macky66, Feb 27, 12:37am
you dont need a recipe. "boss" mint sauce cant be beaten

..pip.., Feb 27, 5:42am
Just make it when you need it. Super easy.

fifie, Feb 28, 4:27am
Makes 2 sauce bottles full 245 sam, i double recipe, and it pretty much fills a 2 litre milk container but dont be like me and add more mint, i tried that and come winter couldnt pour it out of the bottle it was to thick, lol
Make now for winter, ive got some 2 years old its lovely and syrupy.

buzzy110, Mar 1, 3:41am
It is isn't it. And it saves the pantry from being filled with bottles of sweet syrup that apparently is what is supposed to be added to a savoury roast meal.

My favourite recipe for mint sauce is just finely chopped mint and enough malt vinegar to cover. Leave to marinate for 5 mins or so and you're done. And it is much nicer fresh than it is if kept for a period of time.

figjamto, Mar 3, 10:55pm
When I think of mint sauce it takes me back to childhood and whenever my Grandmother cooked lamb she would go out into her very small garden, grab a handful of mint (or get me to go and do it) chop it up, add a bit of sugar and vinegar to taste . as simple as that. always fresh always lovely

245sam, Mar 5, 12:21am
Thanks so much for answering my question fifie.

I had every intention of making the mint sauce to enjoy over this coming winter but when I checked again our mint had turned its toes up for this season except for a small quantity that was growing alongside one of our fences/hedges and unfortunately that mint fell victim to the hedge trimmer :-( so now I look forward to making the mint sauce early next mint-growing season. :-))

walker18, Nov 12, 3:55am
Has any body got a recipe for mint sauce that will keep for a month or so.

pauline999, Nov 12, 4:01am
I blitz (or finely chop ) handfuls of mint leaves in brown vinegar and sugar to taste. I keep it in the fridge and I'm not sure how long it would last cos the family pour it over all their meals and its all gone before you know it.

samanya, Nov 12, 4:17am
I use this . not exactly a sauce, but it keeps in the fridge for ages, longer than a month.

Digby Law’s Mint Jelly
1 cup each of malt vinegar, water and finely chopped fresh mint
2 tbsp sugar
4 tsp powdered gelatine
Bring the vinegar, water and sugar to the boil, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Boil for a few minutes. Sprinkle the gelatine over a little cold water, let stand for a few minutes to soften, then stir it into the vinegar mixture until it is dissolved. Add the mint. Remove from the heat and allow to cool, but not set. Spoon into small, clean jars and cover.

walker18, Nov 12, 4:18am
Thank You I have always put a little hot water to melt the sugar. I have only made it to last when we have lamb. I have now found out it is nice over everything and bought it ready made.

fifie, Nov 12, 9:50am
Have a recipe that uses lot of Brown sugar, it makes a mint sauce that has a nice syrup. I make it every year about now, and it keeps great in pantry to use through out winter.

slimgym, Nov 12, 6:53pm
was watching the lady from the Great British bake off show and she made mint sauce, she put golden syrup in it

kaddiew, Nov 12, 10:39pm
My father always hand-chopped a large bunch of mint with sugar (so the mint flavoured the sugar), then added boiling water, then brown vinegar, adjusting everything to taste. I still do the same today.

valentino, Nov 13, 12:51am
Mint Sauce never keeps here, it goes too quick.

Quite often used as a nice wee chilled sipping drink, lol.


jazzryn, Nov 13, 2:06am
1 cup mint, 2 cups sugar and 2 cups brown vinegar, I put mint in food processor to blit it. Boil all together for a few minutes. Keeps for ages. I have some that is 3 years old is still fine.
Dilute as much as needed with water to use.
This is the nicest mint sauce ever

allymannz, Dec 10, 3:47am
Everlasting Mint Sauce
1 Bottle of Vinegar 750ml
! Bag of Soft Brown Sugar
Boil together for 20 minutes
Then add one cup of chopped mint
It is really yummie

ruby2shoes, Dec 11, 2:02am
I use the Edmonds cook book recipe. I like mint sauce on roast spuds or on a leafy salad.

valentino, Dec 11, 2:34am
I now use an Avocado with Mint to create a nice dressing that goes with both meats and salads, slaw and so on.


calista, Dec 16, 10:03am
Every Christmas Day Dad would take us kids for a walk to the river to pick some mint. As a teenager (who knew everything) I wondered why we didn't just grow it in the garden As an adult I discovered the walk to the river was to give Mum some peace for an hour for so on Christmas Day - maybe they weren't as daft as the teenage me thought they were.

grouch, Jan 14, 8:11am
Years ago an old lady gave me a recipe (shes now deceased) and it was a tin of crushed pineapple with chopped up mint but I cant exactly remember if it had anything else in it. It was devine and wish I could remember.

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