Fresh Mint..Has

oaken, Apr 20, 5:25am
anyone had success with freezing mint leaves... if so how

fisher, Apr 20, 5:36am
I dry most of my herbs but am trying a few frozen... Basil leaves picked and washed. . dried in the sun and layered flat in zip lock bag. . air removed and sealed. . labeled and into freezer. . Chives look good...
No reason you cant try mint... My mint has turned its toes up so replanting is in order :}

miffycat1, Apr 20, 5:46am
Mint is dying down now, no replanting needed, it will come up again in spring.

fisher, Apr 20, 6:08am
miffy. . mine has done its dash. . too old... and has been "vacant' allbut a few leaves through summer. . lots of dead roots pulled out easily. . Have home dried to keep me going...

rainrain1, Apr 20, 6:12am
Cant it be chopped and frozen in ice cubes?

samanya, Feb 17, 5:01pm
#3 & #4 ... I have Mint all year around (in ChCh) the secret is keep cutting it back & as long as it is in a reasonably sheltered spot & kept damp ... no probs.
Most culinary herbs thrive on regular trimming, in my experience

#1 I haven't frozen mint, it discolours so easily.

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