Pork Chops in Slow Cooker

walker18, Apr 21, 8:49pm
I have some large pork chops . I want to cook them in the slow cooker and freeze some of them as I am on my own.

245sam, Apr 21, 10:45pm
Hope that helps. :-))

craftylady1, Apr 22, 3:38am
I have pork chops in the slow cooker now. I use the Honey Pork Chop Maggi sachet

ross67, Apr 22, 4:45am
I cook mine the same as craftylady, and we love them cooked like that. Why make things difficult if you can do it the easy way?

fruitbat, Apr 22, 5:06am
They fall apart. Yum! I like mine cooked with some water, soya sauce, hoisin sauce and Thai chili sauce, some onions and garlic. Bubbling away.

rainrain1, Sep 22, 6:01pm
Nobody's holding a gun at your head

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