Please point me in the right direction 4 ravioli.

ange164, Jul 28, 9:01am
Good evening. I have a pasta roller and I'd like to have a go at making ravioli some time. Could you all please link me to any recipes suitable for a beginner? I grasp the concept of making little parcels and such, but don't know enough to mix flavours/ingredients freestyle, or to know what sauce to make to go with which flavour ravioli.

lythande1, Jul 28, 8:06pm

uli, Jul 30, 6:04am
Hi Ange164 - what sort of pasta roller have you got?
And do you have some ravioli attachments for it?

I would recommend to read these two links I give below and I can give you some ideas for fillings if you like. I lived in Italy for more than a year so have some (authentic) recipes which means that Italians would recognize them :) Because I do not know if you have any attachments to the machine or a roller or anything else have a look here if you can use any of this info:

let me know how you get on.

ange164, Feb 1, 9:56am
Thank you Uli. I'll be hand cutting the ravioli when I get to it. I have a little baccarat model, which comes with fettuccini and spaghetti cutter, and roller for lasange. I'll make some time to study your links this evening.

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