Whats your favourite homemade ravioli filling?

mskissakiwi, Feb 12, 6:06am
Yes attempting homemade ravioli!

ant_sonja, Feb 12, 6:15am
minced prawn meat with a little garlic & lemon zest mixed with freshly chopped parsley, salt & pepper - It doesn't need binding with anything but you can add an egg to the mix as well as one or two small mashed potatoes :-) This is nice served with a basil & parsley pesto and extra shavings of parmesan on top.

mskissakiwi, Feb 12, 6:26am
That sounds delicious - thanks,

nzl99, Feb 12, 9:27pm
These were my attempts... I like the chicken, basil and pinenuts...


mskissakiwi, Feb 13, 2:44am
Rachel those look amazing!! Thanks!!

petal-pickle, Feb 13, 7:51am
Wow, shop-a-holic, they look fantastic, very professional!!Where did you get the stampy-cutter thing from??Hope it tastes as good as it looks!!

shop-a-holic, Feb 13, 9:45am
Some kitchen stores carry these stampers, but they only come in one size called "ginormous", plus either square or circles. Cost = $20+
I wasn't happy having a 2 inch+ size, because they do grow larger when cooked. Are we eating ravioli or flying saucers (LOL)? On eBay, you can find italian made stampers which come in 7 different sizes. I paid $2 plus $5 postage, and its a 1.5 inch. The beauty about it, is that instead of using two sheets of pasta ontop of each other, use one, brush beaten egg on one half (length-wise) and fold over the sheet. You can also make them smaller by using the cutter as a half-circle.

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