Chocolate cake mud cake style please

fishheadsoup, May 2, 6:31am
I want a recipe for a chocolate cake that has the flavour of a mud cake but not one that is so flat and dense as a mud cake does that make sense? a sort of combo help appreciated thanks

kimkat1, May 2, 6:35am
Try the thread titled, I wanna give you guys a challenge...

kimkat1, Mar 25, 8:12am
This I have used many times and people are amazed to find out it is Weight watchers, , if your not being helth consious put a ganache on top... .

http://images. jp

At the bottom where my user name blocks it, it says leave in tin 10mins then turn out onto rack and leave baking paper on cake to help trap the steam to create a nice fudgy cake... enjoy

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