Strawberry picnic cake.scrolled to the left but

cookiebarrel, Nov 2, 9:14am
nothing came up about this cake! Was given the recipe a few months back but haven't yet tried it, was a NZ recipe from I believe a local cook. Has anyone else seen or heard of it?

245sam, Nov 2, 10:22am
cookiebarrel, was that recipe this one or anything like it, although this one is obviously not a NZ one or from a "local cook"?

cookiebarrel, Nov 7, 2:51am
Sorry haven't been back in here for a few days, but yes and Thank You so much 245sam, that is exactly the one I wanted. Only had a brief recipe and thought it was a local cook/baker. Guess I was wrongly informed! Now to get in and try it.

whitehead., Jul 15, 12:50am
edmonds short bread cook cover with fresh stawberrys and top with whipped cream or set a jelly till gloupy and put your strawberrys in leave to set and top with cream eat the same day or tomorrow

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