Refried Beans Question

grannymum, Feb 8, 2:37am
have a can & was going to use in nacho's. I usually use mild chilli beans & just wondered if it tastes much different & do I need to do anything special with them?

245sam, Feb 8, 2:41am
grannymum, it's a while since I used a can of refried beans and I can't remember exactly what's in them but I'm wondering if you might need to add some chilli (powder maybe? ) - have a look at the list of ingredients; there may be chilli with them or alternatively have a wee taste and see if they have the chilli effect that you're used to with the mild chilli beans.

Hope that helps - sorry I can't be more helpful on this one. :-))

grannymum, Feb 8, 2:57am
Hi Sam, yes, they are spiced. I was going to add them to mince & was wondering what the texture/taste might be like. Thanks Sam, guess I will be brave & just go ahead & try them lol!

245sam, Feb 8, 3:16am
grannymum, from what I can recall the refried beans WILL be different texture-wise - I don't eat chilli beans but my DH does and I believe that they're more like baked beans in texture whereas I think the refried beans are softer and as though they've been partially mashed.
I actually really like dried bean dishes but for a number of years now I haven't been able to eat them because of how they affected me after a bout of what I believe was food poisoning, but from time to time more recently I've had a few dried beans in various dishes without any significant effect so one day I intend to try again and hopefully I'll be able to enjoy all the bean dishes again, including refried beans.
IMO the refried beans will be equally as nice in nachos as the chilli beans, and a nice change for you, so I hope you enjoy your nacho meal with a difference. :-))

grannymum, Feb 8, 3:23am
Thanks Sam - you have given me theconfidence now! I am not usually hesitant at all when it comes to experimenting with food but for some odd reason these kinda frightened me lol!

ruby19, Feb 8, 3:57am
The refried beans are mashed, not sure if I would add them to mince, you would loose them in the sauce. (If you get my drift), I would use them as a side dish with a mexican mince. The el paso brand aren`t spicy at all, so if you want abit more heat/flavour I would add extra herbs/spices. I use the refried beans to make the seven layer dip.
(though I don`t have 7 layers) Cornchips, refried beans, grated cheese sour cream, salsa and guacamole.

grannymum, Jul 29, 7:17pm
Thanks for that Ruby19, sounds very nice

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